Utena Puresa White Pearl and Platinum Hydro Gel Mask Review

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Puresa mask

Product Description:

Utena Puresa White Pearl and Platinum Hydro Gel Mask is totally made of nourishing essence. A series of high performance masks generously enriched with serum to instantly improve your skin concerns. It is perfectly shaped to adhere to your facial contours and does not dry out as quickly as other cotton masks. It is enriched with white pearl and platinum extracts to promote excellent whitening effects!


Puresa mask

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This is a 25 g sheet (heavier due to its consistency) and has 2 masks for the top and the bottom of the face.

There are other types in the same range as well such as Hyaluronic acid and Ceramide, and Collagen and Royal Jelly. Each of their masks seems to have 2 very good ingredients as you can see.

Puresa mask

Puresa mask


Puresa mask



Puresa mask

My Experience with Utena Puresa White Pearl and Platinum Hydro Gel Mask:

Fit and feel of the mask: I think the fit of the mask is quite good. It looks wider in the picture, but it fit my face pretty well. This mask is unlike any I have ever seen. It comes divided into 2 parts as in the photo of the product. The mask is extremely slippery and gel-like and so is sandwiched between two pieces of plastic layers each. Taking it out is extremely tricky. Thankfully, it does not drip as it comes out, otherwise it would have been a nightmare to use.

Puresa mask

There is generous amount of serum in the packet and the mask. Compared to the other masks I have used, I feel this mask retains more serum, due to its hydrogel consistency. It does take longer to dry out than any other cotton masks in my experience. It adheres very well on the skin and so, I feel is somehow superior than a regular cotton mask.

This is still a pricey product compared to lot of other sheet masks out there because of the hydrogel feature. The drugstore ones I have seen hover around the ¥100-200 mark. There is still a little amount of serum left over in the packet after you take out the mask, which you can pat into your skin at the end.

Puresa mask

The recommended time to leave the mask on is 20-30 mins. The mask starts to tingle very slightly after 10 mins of wear time. But this is so subtle, you won’t even notice if your mind is occupied with something. I have never had such a luxurious feeling mask and it is utterly a treat to have this on the skin. I felt so pampered! My skin felt very plump and hydrated right after using it. The liquid gets absorbed into the skin quickly, but I noticed a few white particles on my skin in one small section of the face after an hour of using the mask, which rubbed off pretty easily. I am not sure if this is connected to the mask, but I am willing to take the risk and buy more of these masks.

Does it live up to its claims? 

Mostly yes. Whitening in Japan means something very different to the literal term ’whitening’. Whitening products generally are not supposed to ‘whiten’, but help reduce dark spots and brighten and even out skin tone. I left it on for an hour and the mask had sufficiently dried out by then. That is another aspect I want to mention.

Puresa mask

You can never use this if you are in a hurry. White pearl extract in the mask is supposed to be for moisturising, firming and brightening. The platinum is also supposed to aid in moisturising the skin and has antioxidative properties. While I think it is very gimmicky of them to add these things, I don’t find that tremendous amount of a change that I would expect when I hear those words. But, I don’t want to diminish other aspects of this mask that I find interesting.

Puresa mask

Scent: The scent of this is sort of chemical-y, but they have tried to mask it using fragrance. So the overall scent is a mixture of the two, but it didn’t bother me a whole lot. I don’t understand, however, the need to add fragrance at all in the first place, when it has no effect whatsoever for the skin, that too in a sheet mask.

Pros of Utena Puresa White Pearl and Platinum Hydro Gel Mask:

  • Sticks to the skin well after applying.
  • Luxurious feeling when it’s on.
  • Plenty of serum in the mask.
  • Moisturizes/hydrates the skin very well.

Cons of Utena Puresa White Pearl and Platinum Hydro Gel Mask:

  • Weird scent/contains fragrance.
  • Difficult to pry the mask open.
  • Takes time to dry.

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase Utena Puresa White Pearl and Platinum Hydro Gel Mask?

Not the same mask, but other masks from their line.

Would I recommend Utena Puresa White Pearl and Platinum Hydro Gel Mask?

Yeah give it a go. You might end up liking it!

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  1. Wow Ramya! I’m a mask lover myself and this sounds so promising! I also love how the mask has been split into two sheets so that it fits the face well. This is definitely on my radar 🙂

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