Vaadi Walnut and Apricot Face and Body Scrub

Vaadi Walnut and Apricot Face and Body Scrub

I have been reading about e-shopping websites through IMBB and so decided to order something from one of them.  So, with my shoe-string budget, I ordered one Vega eyelash curler, one fruit face pack from Vaadi and one face and body scrub with walnut and apricot which I am going to review today.

Vaadi Walnut and Apricot Face and Body Scrub

I was apprehensive about using Vaadi Body and Face Scrub with walnut and apricot and that’s because I have never used Vaadi products before. Besides, the low price was also making me apprehensive. However, I used it and I am glad that I used it. At this price, this is the best that you can get and in fact, you get more than your money’s worth.

Vaadi Herbals


Rs. 58 for 80 ml + 10 ml free= 90 ml.


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Key Ingredients



My Take on Vaadi’s Walnut and Apricot Face and Body Scrub:

As I told you earlier, I was apprehensive about applying the scrub. So, I decided to see if I could find anything on the net about Vaadi.  This is what I could find on Vaadi Herbals.

Face scrub

Vaadi scrub

Now, let me talk about my experience. I really liked the scrub. I mean where do you get good scrubs with walnut and apricot for this price? The scrub has a lot of granules and a little quantity works. After you have massaged your skin for some time with this scrub, what is left is smooth skin.  It is like a polishing cream that removes all dead skin and polishes your skin.

body scrub

After spreading the scrub,  this is how it looks:

face and body scrub

Pros of Vaadi Walnut and Apricot Face and Body Scrub:

• It really removes dead skin and blackheads to a certain extent and makes the skin smooth and soft.
• You can feel the scrub working even before you wash your face.
• It is very cheap.
• It contains apricot and walnut.
• It claims to have Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.
• I like the tub packaging. It allows me to take out exactly the amount I want and if I take out a little extra, I can easily keep it back there.

Cons of Vaadi Walnut and Apricot Face and Body Scrub:

• Though I have not used it many times, I could not notice any significant change in my skin complexion in the 3-4 times that I have used it.
• Availability of Vaadi products can be a problem.
• The scrub is a little runny.

Rating: 4/5.

Will I Buy Again? Yes, I like it and I will buy it again.

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  1. know what Anveshi….today in the afternoon i sent a review of the same just to find u have already written one!!! i agree with you n quite a few points here. 🙂

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