Vagisil Intimate Feminine Wash Review

Vagisil Intimate Feminine Wash Review

Hello everyone,

I have been meaning to write a review on this product since long, but kept forgetting it every now and then. Well, finally here it is.  We all take care of our body using different products, like body wash, creams and lotions, face washes, deodorants and other products for hygiene, but most of the times neglect our intimate parts. Just like other body parts, this area too needs special care.  With the onset of summer, which we all know comes with myriad skin problems, like fungal infections, urinal infections, one needs to take utmost care of their body including the intimate body parts.


So, today, I will be reviewing Vagisil Intimate Feminine Wash, which I have been using since quite some time. I saw this product on some e-commerce websites too. I picked this from a medical store though. This is also available in the western countries, albeit with different packaging.

Product Description:

Gentle Enough for Daily Cleansing Freshness:  Specially formulated for delicate, sensitive skin.  pH balanced, gently cleanses without irritation even on sensitive skin.  Enriched with skin soothing chamomile, Vitamin E and aloe.  Hypoallergenic.  Protects Against Odour.  Fights embarrassing feminine odour caused by perspiration or discharge.  Unique odour control formula even helps odour from developing.

Image 3

(Although no one likes the odour caused due to perspiration or discharge, it is a little too much to call it embarrassing; no one smells that bad even without using intimate washes, don’t these product designers think even once before using such words).

Price and Quantity:

Rs. 120 for 100 ml.


Aqua, sodium laureth sulphate, lauryl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerine, PEG-150 pentaerythrityl tetrastearate, peg-6 caprylic capric triglycerides, sodium chloride, PEG-400, DMDM hydantoin, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, fragrance, polyquaternium 10, benzethonium chloride, lactic acid, aloe vera powder, Vitamin E Acetate, Chamomile Extract, Brilliant Blue FCF (CI 42090), Tartrazine (CI 19140).


This comes in an inverted tube with a flip open lid. The packaging is not completely leak proof which makes it not so travel friendly. Also, smaller opening would have made it easier to take out the right amount of product, but once you get used to it, it wouldn’t be a problem.


My Take on Vagisil Intimate Feminine Wash:

I use this twice a day, sometimes just once a day while having bath. Ever since I have started using Vagisil intimate wash, I feel clean and fresh the entire day. It really works in keeping the odour away. It also keeps the intimate area itch-free, especially during the days we wander out in the sun. I have never ever had urinary tract infections, so can’t really comment if it prevents those infections.  This intimate wash is light blue in colour. The consistency of this wash is a little runny, it reminds me of the Fash face wash, just that this is not as blue as the face wash.

Intimate Wash

This product has never caused any itching, burning sensation or any allergies for me. I find this intimate wash quite mild even if the ingredients list mentions SLS. I cannot really compare it with other intimate washes available as I haven’t used them.  Although, I have no issues with this intimate wash, the mention of SLS disturbs me a little. So, I will check if there are any intimate washes without SLS.

Pros of Vagisil Intimate Feminine Wash:

  • Keeps intimate area clean.
  • Blocks odour.
  • Doesn’t cause itching or burning.
  • Does not cause irritation.
  • Inexpensive as a little goes a long way.
  • Mild and gentle.

Cons of Vagisil Intimate Feminine Wash:

  • Contains SLS.
  • Well, I feel that since this wash is meant for intimate parts, such harsh and strong ingredients should be avoided. Having said that, I am not sure if other intimate washes contain SLS and that if it is required in small quantities to make the product really work.

IMBB Rating:

4 on 5, I would have given this 5/5 had it been SLS free.

Will I repurchase Vagisil Intimate Feminine Wash?

I will look for SLS free intimate washes first and repurchase this only if I don’t find them.

Do I Recommend Vagisil Intimate Feminine Wash?

Yes, if you are comfortable with SLS in it. If you have extremely sensitive skin, I would suggest you to seek medical advice before using this product.

Thank you all for reading.

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18 thoughts on “Vagisil Intimate Feminine Wash Review

  1. I use lactacid gel n it is prescribed by my gynache i’l review dat n d packagng is similar to tresemme n it is travel friendly

  2. me too used lactacyd (its sls free) for some time before gynec warned me better avoid intimate washes on a daily basis unless you are prescribed it… n think putting SLS on sensitive areas on a daily basis is not a good idea… good review… 🙂

  3. hi girls, i have usesdlactacyd and and this one too. while lactacyd doesnt mention any sls on their label, i think it does contain sls coz there is no mentioning of coco sulphate (natural surfectant – coconut derived – replacement of sls).
    personally i like vagisil coz it is easy to wash off. lactacyd is a bit difficult to wash off coz it tends to leave a slippery feel behind (may be the moisturisers in it)
    i think it is necessary to use feminine wash during chums or if u r prone to rashes there..

  4. You can try ‘V-Wash’ as its Parabens, SLS and SLES free….. its was prescribed by my gynec and works great.

    1. Oh that sounds great I shall look for it.. Never seen or heard abt you know which pharmaceutical company makes it?

  5. Wl my doc rec0mended me to use lactacyd on daily basis m0rn n ni8 n dat to wth wet wipes n0t wth water 4 cleansng 🙁 ..

  6. Dear,

    As mentioned in your review “I will look for SLS free intimate washes first and repurchase this only if I don’t find them” You can check out this Intimate wash I’ve mentioned by link. This is Soap, SLS AND SLES free and suitable for all skin types 🙂

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