Valentine’s Day Special Lip Scrub: Do It Yourself

Valentine’s Day Special Lip Scrub: Do It Yourself

Hello pretty ones!

All set for the V day? Tell you what? I seriously think that love is meant for each and every one of the 365/366 days of the year, but there is surely something about this week. The weather, the flowers, the smiles, everything is coated with the spirit of celebrating love. The bug just gets to you, and it’s beyond help 😛


Coming to the article, today, I have a scrub-pack for you, which also marks the debut of my DIY on IMBB ( dramatic huh! *hihi* ). Mind you, it’s not for your face, because there are so many awesome ones already here. This one however is for your lips. Today’s post, is dedicated to Kiss Day of the Valentine week!!! And why not? Don’t you think that a kiss is the most beautiful way to express your love.

Lips are the softest part of our body, and to be quite honest, the most ignored one too. Honestly, think about it, our lips survive so much, we eat so many things, bear the cold harsh winds of winters, the hot, humid and drying winds of summer, and the never-ending chemicals of our lip colours, glosses and what not. The only care our lips get is a lip balm and an occasional swipe with cleansing milk or makeup remover. Sigh! So much for being a defining part of our face. So, I always needed a gentle enough scrub which was easy to prepare and at the same time, gentle and effective. Since, there are almost nil drugstore brands who offer lip scrubs, I thought of creating my own, and, when it worked for me, I thought of sharing this super easy but super effective DIY with my IMBB family and what’s better time than the V-week!! With the Kiss Day coming up! *blush* *blush*.

Let’s get on with the DIY now. It’s quite simple, but at the same time very effective and gentle enough.

Ingredients Needed:


1. Fresh milk cream.  This is a very common thing which can be found in every household. Take about 2 tea spoonfuls.

2. Honey.  This again is a very common ingredient in our kitchen. It is not only superbly nourishing, but an excellent antioxidant too. Take 1 tea spoonful.

3. Sugar.

The coarse but gentle grains of sugar are excellent for scrubbing the soft skin of lips, take 2 tea spoonfuls.

Method to Prepare:

1. Take the milk cream and honey and mix them together thoroughly to form a uniformly coloured paste.



2. Now, add 1 teaspoonful sugar to the above mixture and just mix it gently so that all the grains are uniformly spread. Just a stir or two, to make sure, and not more as these grains have to be there for the scrubbing.


Just follow the above-mentioned steps and voila! Your very own pout remedy is there!! Ready in two simple steps!!



This scrub is super moisturising and not only scrubs away that tan and dead skin on your pout, but also is gentle to be used every day. Just scrub your lips every night or every alternate night with this for 2 to 3 minutes, then leave on for 5 minutes as a pack. Wash and dab on your favourite lip balm (Himalaya for Rs. 25 in my case).  You are set to wake up with nourished and healthy lips every morning. With regular usage, it will take care of the harsh effects of different weather and makeup products on your lips.

You can also use this on rough parts of body, like elbows, heels and knees. It will moisturise them really well. Although, do not use it on face as it will be very greasy (the ingredients).  This quantity will last you about 2 to 3 uses. You can increase or decrease the quantity of ingredients accordingly and make on Sunday, store in your refrigerator, which can last you for a whole week. However, it is advisable, that do not make a quantity which lasts you more than a week as these are purely your kitchen ingredients and may start smelling or changing if you store them for longer periods.  So, make this once every three days or once a week, not more.

Hope you all liked the DIY. Till the next time, stay gorgeous, keep loving (and kissing 😉 ) :* :* :*

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