Vanesa Envy Women Deodorant Spray Review

Vanesa Envy Women Deodorant Spray Review

Hello Pretty Ones,

This time I am doing a review on one of my all-time favorites in deodorants, the “Envy” from Vanesa. I like changing my deodorants and find myself looking for a different one each time I go for deo hunting. But one deo which never goes ignored by me is this one. So much so, that I have even tried the “for men” version of this 😛 I loved both!

Vanesa Envy Women Deodorant Spray Review


Rs. 140 for 150 ml/95gm/3.5oz


Butane (propellant), Isopropanol, fragrance, aqua, Propylene glycol, triclosan.

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The product comes in a matte silver bottle which I find very classy amidst all those theatrical display of colors of other deodorants 😛 It has got a normal black spray top, nothing great about it.

Body Spray 1

Now coming to the fragrance, I personally do not like the idea of smelling like banana or pineapple which a lot of deodorants has to offer 😛 I don’t understand at all why the retailers stack up only fruity smelling ones in the “for women” section of their counters! Aren’t we allowed to like anything else? I still get weird looks when I reject the “orange”, pineapple” and “what-not fruit” deos.  The only fruity smell I like are the citrusy ones and that too which are more towards the fresher side than the sweet side. Flowery smells also are sometimes too overpowering and that really puts me off. I am always on the lookout for fresh-smelling deodorants (something like talcum powder effect). That’s one reason probably why Fa deos have always been my favourite and also I am a huge fan of woody and musk fragrances.

Body Spray 3

This deodorant offers me exactly that. It has no fruity smell.  It has got a pleasant woody flowery fragrance. I am afraid that’s the best I can do to explain, but I really suggest that try it at least once. The staying power is pretty long on me, but that maybe because I don’t suffer from body odor at all even when I sweat. I just use deodorants for the sake of it! 😛

Body Spray 3

Summing up:

Pros of Vanesa Envy Women Deodorant Spray:

  • Affordable.
  • A welcome change from fruity smells of regular “for women” deodorants.
  • Staying power is good.

Cons of Vanesa Envy Women Deodorant Spray:

  • None that I can find.

Tata ladies, coming up with an eye make up tutorial next! Till then, keep smiling keep glowing! 😀

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