Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Cool & Fresh Light Moisturizing Lotion

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Cool & Fresh Light Moisturizing Lotion

I have been an IMBB follower for more than a year and firstly would like to thank the whole team for making my life easier with up to the mark product reviews.

This is my first post for IMBB. I have a normal-to-dry skin and needed a lotion which can provide me proper amount of moisture along with freshness all day.

My search took me to the most trusted and popular brand Vaseline which has a wide range of body lotions. Vaseline body lotions are priced economically and are available very easily in stores. My favorite among their body lotion range is Vaseline Healthy White which completely fulfills its claim of correcting uneven tone and skin lightening. Another lotion that caught my attention was Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Cool & Fresh Light Moisturizing Lotion which I thought of giving a try. Below are the details

I brought it because of the aloe and cucumber properties it had and thought it will be perfect during humid climatic condition.



Product Claim- Quick absorbent properties which make your skin feel fresh and healthy.
Price- Rs. 60/- for 100ml

Direction for use- Apply daily all over the body.

My Experience with Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Cool & Fresh Light Moisturizing Lotion

Firstly coming on the claim of light moisturizing, it is definitely light on skin. But when it comes to moisturizing my skin, it didn’t lived up to my expectation as moisturizing level was very low. Though it gets quickly absorbed in the skin but does not hold any effect after an hour and I felt like applying it again and again. Yes, the cucumber fragrance of the lotion is pretty fresh and soothing. The consistency of the lotion is lighter as compared to Healthy White, Cocoa Glow & Total Moisture Body Lotion. But, I was disappointed with it because it hasn’t fulfilled my major motive of picking it up and that is moisturizing effect for an appropriate duration. According to me, this is an apt product for those having an Oily skin and who are looking for extremely light moisturizer for daytime, but for dry and normal skin people; this isn’t a good choice to make. It can be used for moisturizing the skin before applying makeup but not as a body lotion which will provide hydration for all day long.

Pros of Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Cool & Fresh Light Moisturizing Lotion

* Does not create a greasy film on your skin, therefore is a perfect product for Oil skin people.
* Makes skin soft.
* Cucumber fragrance is pleasing which immediately attracts your attention.
* Decently Priced and available easily in local cosmetic stores.

Cons of Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Cool & Fresh Lotion

* As per the moisturizing part is concerned, this product is a “Big No” for people looking for proper amount of moisturizing effect for at least 4-5 hours.
* “Aloe Cool & Fresh”: Fails to deliver this claim of providing cooling effect to the skin.
* Fragrance doesn’t last for a longer time.
* When compared with Vaseline Healthy White, Vaseline Total Moisture and Vaseline Cocoa Glow lotion, it stands a much lower position in fulfilling the claim.
Will I buy this product again? : No, as this wasn’t a lotion suitable for my skin type. I will stick to Vaseline Healthy White which satisfies my skin needs very well. ☺ People with oily skin can give it a try.

IMBB Rating for this Product: 2.5/5 🙁 (But can be 4/5 for Oily skin beauties)

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