Vaseline Lip Therapy Review

Vaseline Lip Therapy Review

Hello Ladies, today I am going to review Vaseline lip therapy. I got this product from a nearby store 3 weeks back. I was quiet excited to use this product after watching the ad.

Vaseline range of lip therapy includes:

  • Aloe vera.
  • Cocoa butter.
  • Rose.
  • Normal.

Vaseline Lip Therapy

Rs. 100/- for 4 g.

What Vaseline Lip Therapy Claims:
Extra soothing and with a touch of aloe vera. It will help soothe and hydrate your lips, protecting them from the elements. Use before 24 months from the date of packaging.

Key Ingredients:

*Aloe extract- soothes and protects.
*cucumber extract- soothing,softening and moisturizing properties.
*Pro-vitamins E & A- protects against free radicals.
*Petroleum jelly – prevents moisture loss.


I have had issues with chapped and dry lips since ages. I was using Lotus Herbals Lip Balm and was quite satisfied with that, but after I saw an ad of Vaseline lip therapy, I felt maybe this is going to be my HG. I started hating this the very first day I used it because it is waxy, waxy, and waxy. So, when I thought of throwing away this product, my mom asked me to use it at night and see if it does any miracle. I used this lip balm at night and to my surprise, the next morning, I found my lips soft and supple.

Here is a swatch:


Pros of Vaseline Lip Therapy

  • It’s a twist up lip balm,it is convenient and travel friendly.
  • It smells nice.
  • Glides on smoothly.

Cons of Vaseline Lip Therapy

  • Waxyyyyyy.
  • I had to apply it and sleep to observe the results.
  • Even though the price is affordable, now I find it too much for such a product.
  • It has no SPF.
  • It can be an okay product for winters, but a big no for summers, eewww!
  • Availability can be a problem because I got this after pestering the shopkeeper like hell. 😉

2 out of 5 (for the packaging and smell).

Will I Repurchase:
No, I won’t. I would use this one at night and switch back to Lotus Herbals for the day time or try Lipice.

Moral of the Story:
Never go by ads, get your facts right from IMBB.:-D

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25 thoughts on “Vaseline Lip Therapy Review

  1. even i was too excited when I got my vaseline lip therapy, but It was a total spoilsport…really really disappointed.. :yikes:

  2. even i was too excited when I got my vaseline lip therapy, but It was a total spoilsport…really really disappointed.. :yikes:

  3. Hey i was going to buy this tomorrow by watching the ads like several times..thanks for the review O:) … i m gonna try lotus lip balm every one on IMBB is a fan of it…thanks for the review :heart:

  4. i so wanted to try the rose one after seeing the cute ad. i so loved that ad. :(( bt guess for night is nice na.. may be for winters someone can pick this up for night time :))

  5. 😐 😐 😐 😐
    I cannot thank you enough for reviewing this…coz I wanted to buy it ever since I sat the TV ad.
    But now I will steer clear from it. :nono:
    Now I’m even more apprehensive of TV ads. :chewnails :chewnails

  6. thanx rati di for posting this it means alot…. :teddy: :puchhi: and yes i will give it a try in winters..though m still using it at night…but in the morning there appears a white patch on my lips :scream:

  7. hey supriya ,gargi,jyo and pagnyadeepta…pls stay away from this…i was like ye jisne banaya vo bus saamne aa jaye… :spank: :duel: ..

  8. i think just a thank you would be less….so :puchhi: for you..
    i sooo wanted to buy this..err.. i thought of buying a hell lot of things along with this…but suddenly it came to my mind i should read review at imbb :methinks: …… and now am really convinced to not to buy any product without imbb’s expert consultation..
    :thanks: for being such a good friend to beauty novices like me :puchhi:

  9. I just saw the ad few mins back and so wanted one but then thank god I checked the reviews online. Now I will be staying away from this lip balm for sure lol. I always stick with THE BODY SHOP lip balm.

  10. my lips were super cracked & i applied vaseline lip balm over night in hope that this will really help but it made them worse….very dry & painful :scream: instead i applied normal vaseline petroleum jelly….it helped to some extent….very bad experience…. 🙁

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