Vaseline UV Whitening Body Lotion Review

Vaseline UV Whitening Body Lotion

Hello ladies,

Here I am with another review, this time it is on body lotion which my brother is using for past 2-3 months. This product is reviewed on my brother’s feedback and mine as well.

I basically used to use Vaseline’s Cocoa Butter lotion because of its strong cocoa scent whereas my brother on the other hand uses Vaseline UV whitening body lotion. I was badly in need of a moisturizer when my cocoa butter got over & I was too lazy to go out to buy one. So I decided to use my brother’s lotion.


The lotion is quite thick and effective on dry as well as oily skin. I’ve been using this for a week now. It moisturizes my skin without feeling sticky but doesn’t work enough on super dry skin. Re-do is not needed on my dry skin. You must be thinking as to why we need to use this particular body lotion, but I would surely advice to get it for your brother, father or husbands. This is a great product and protects them from the harmful effects of the sun. Generally guys don’t apply sunscreen and then lotion on their skin; so this is the best product for them.

Product Description:

The Vaseline Men UV Whitening Body Lotion is formulated to help nourish your entire body and to give your tough skin some tender care.

This lotion from Vaseline will keep dryness away from your skin as it is composed with mineral oil and glycerin that help nourish your skin from the deepest layer. This dual sunscreen formula that will leave your skin shielded and protected from the harmful effects of the sun so you can enjoy the adventure at anytime you want. The micro-whitening agents composed in this Vaseline body lotion will fight sunburn and lighten your skin tone by accelerating skin renewal with every use, so your skin looks brighter, the lotion also helps in skin plumping so your body looks healthy and feels great.


How to apply: Apply this body lotion onto your skin and rub until it is fully absorbed and you will enjoy day long protection.

Ingredients: Vitamin B3, Soy Bean, Glycerin, Mineral Oil

Price: Not sure but maybe INR 200 for 250 ml.

Shelf Life: 30 months.

Packaging: Comes in a black packing with flip flop cap.


My Take on Vaseline UV Whitening Body Lotion:

My brother bought this just because he has to travel to college during this summer season and his hands got completely tanned. It was also clearly specified that its whitening and UV protect lotion. So, he picked it up. It is not over the top yet lasts through the day. Since my and brother’s skin is dry, it is great for both of us. Yes, I am using this product even though it is claim for MENs but I like it. Skin is visibly softer and moisturized after applying this. I have to reapply only in the night. I and brother love it over all.

It’s a little runny in consistency and gets easily absorbed. It’s not greasy, but provides a mild fragrance which not at all bad. My brother is totally happy with it and even my father likes it a lot.


Pros of Vaseline UV Whitening Body Lotion:

• Affordable.
• Easily available in super markets.
• Non greasy.
• Moisturize skin effectively.
• Helps in whitening to a considerable degree, though I have not seen much difference.
• Sweet fragrance.

Cons of Vaseline UV Whitening Body Lotion:

• I don’t find any major cons except that if this lotion would have SPF then it will become sone pe suhaga 😉

Will I Repurchase Vaseline UV Whitening Body Lotion?

Yes, definitely.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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