Vasocare Lip Moisturizer Sinful Chocolate-Review

Vasocare Lip Moisturizer Sinful Chocolate-Review

Hi to all the IMBBians!

We have a small get together in the evening with my closest friend and I would like to review this Vasocare lip balm before I get busy with afternoon pakoras and coffee, I got tempted seeing Bipasha Basu’s pout and decided to buy this.Read the full review to see how it worked.

Vasocare Lip Moisturizer Sinful Chocolate


Rs 100 for 4.8 g

Shelf life:

2 years

What the product claims:

Lips have no oil glands so they dry faster. This advanced herbal hydrating formula is 5 times more effective as it.
Vasocare Lip Moisturizer Sinful Chocolate (2)

• Soften lips
• Seals in moisture
• Protects from dryness
• Imparts a glossy shine
• Relieves and soothes chapped lips

Key ingredients:

Aloe Vera, chamomile and tulsi

My experience with Vasocare Lip Moisturiser:

The packaging of this lip balm is travel friendly as it closes with a click sound and is hardy but the packaging looks cheap. The texture of the lip balm is smooth and is a bit tinted. As I bought the sinful chocolate variant it came with a light brown tint. It works really great on chapped lips it really makes lips smooth and soft. Even after the lip balm goes off, it moisturizes my lips for another one hour or so. And it also imparts a glossy shine but the smell is a bit overpowering and it smells of pure chocolate plus some chemical. Even the taste is a bit too sweet. I am happy with the function but the taste and smell could have been improved. This lip balm stays for 2 hours without taking food in between. This also comes in other flavors like mango, orange.

Pros of Vasocare Lip Moisturizer:

• True to its claim.
• Glossy finish.
• Makes lips softer.
• Cures chapped lips.
• Stays for about 2 hours.
• Tinted lip balm.
• Inexpensive.

Chocolate LIp Balm

Cons of Vasocare Lip Moisturiser:

• No detailed ingredient list.
• Overpowering smell.
• Tastes too sweet.

Would I recommend/ repurchase Vasocare Lip Moisturiser?

Vasocare Lip Moisturizer Sinful Chocolate Swatch

At this price I will get some other product because the smell is a bit overpowering at least for me. So I am not repurchasing this.  If you think u can manage with the con part then u can give it a try.

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20 thoughts on “Vasocare Lip Moisturizer Sinful Chocolate-Review

  1. Hey Sreya….nice review….I was wondering looking at d swatch…Did u swath multiple times or is d balm actually dat pigmented????

  2. Strangely Chocolate cant be seen as one of the key ingredients and the name is Sinful Chocolate! funny..!! Anyhoo… nice review… i guess i will skip this!

  3. is this available in retail shops?? coz i haven’t seen them yet.. there is a tube one also fr 25 bucks… and its totally bakwaas…. :/

  4. I hv been looking for d juicy orange stick in this but it is not available anywhere! But now, reading ur review, it also doesnt look like a gud purchase. Thanx

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