Vatika Premium Naturals Black Olive & Almond Shampoo Review

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When I ran out of my usual shampoos by Garnier and Dove(which my parents buy from UAE for me), I had to search for a decent shampoo. The shampoo that I like to always use is Clinic Plus (mostly because of the fact that my childhood feelings are attached to it, and also for its mild action). This time also, I asked for a Clinic Plus Shampoo, but sadly the store didn’t have its big sized bottle and I was lazy enough to check out other stores. Though, this is also not a large sized one, I planned to get this for two reasons! One, for being a Dabur product. And second, for being a lover of both black olives and almonds. 😀 And, that is how I picked this one! 🙂

Dabur Vatika Black Olive and Almond Shampoo Review

Product Description:
For extra-beautiful hair!
Now experience shiny black hair like never before. Vatika Premium Naturals Black Olive & Almond Shampoo is packed with the goodness of black olives and amla that help maintain the black colour of your hair and give it incredible shine.

No harmful chemicals
Active natural ingredients maintain the black colour of hair
Gentle cleansing and nourishing

INR 59 for 80 ml

My Experience with Dabur Vatika Black Olive and Almond Shampoo:

Dabur Vatika Black Olive and Almond Shampoo Review1

The bottle itself is so stylish like a complete gentleman dressed in black. 🙂 It comes in a strong flip top bottle. The ingredients list says that it contains aqua extracts of amla, shikakai, henna and green almonds. In the image you could see the brown ones, huh? I didn’t even open and check it out until I was ready to wash my hair in the bathroom. Now, the scariest part! I opened it for using it on my oiled hair and took some on my palm. I was shocked to see that it has got a greyish – black colour with shiny particles. The colour resembles a hair dye!!

Dabur Vatika Black Olive and Almond Shampoo Review2

Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be in any particular colour. But, black was an option beyond my imagination. I could not help myself and I checked the product label, read everything written over it carefully once again! Finally, relieved myself that I haven’t misread anything. Though I was hesitant, I still went ahead and used it on my hair for the first time.

Dabur Vatika Black Olive and Almond Shampoo Review3

It smells like a mild shampoo and there is no issues related to its smell for me. About its working, it does the job of a shampoo to a good extent. I have a tendency to use it more than the required amount, feeling it may not remove the oil completely out of my hair otherwise. After each usage, my hair looks darker. I have no major hair fall issues, so I can’t actually comment on that.

Dabur Vatika Black Olive and Almond Shampoo Review4

Pros of Dabur Vatika Black Olive and Almond Shampoo:

• It is very pocket friendly
• It smells natural and nice
• Attractive and stylish packaging
• Gently cleanses the hair and makes it a bit shiny, nothing exceptional though
• It claims to have the benefit of black olives, green almonds, shikakai, amla and henna

Cons of Dabur Vatika Black Olive and Almond Shampoo:

• Ingredients list and images don’t match
• Contains SLS.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Dabur Vatika Black Olive and Almond Shampoo?
Not sure! I may go for this if and only if I have no better options.

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4 thoughts on “Vatika Premium Naturals Black Olive & Almond Shampoo Review

  1. I still remember the fragrance of Clinic Plus, it definitely takes us back to our childhood, but I don’t use it anymore. This one seems like a good shampoo but how can they get confused between almonds. :O

  2. Vatika has been in India for as long as clinic plus, I think. Even if it hasn’t we all show that much of trust in the brand. Must be a decent shampoo to work with. Nice review Sana 😀

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