Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream Review

By Soni M.

Hi everyone,

I have been using Veet hair removal products since long time, they are very handy during emergencies!! The only drawback is that hair grows very faster with hair removal creams compared to waxing. Also, I prefer the smooth finishing of skin post waxing, but these hair removal creams are great alternative when I am in hurry or travelling. So, I got this in-shower hair removal cream during one of my travel trips last month and have been using it since then.

Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream

Product Description:
Experience silky smooth skin and delightful scent with Veet Hair Removal Cream, now with Silk and Fresh Technology. While removing hair effectively, New Veet not only hydratesskin for up to 24 hours, but its new fragrance technology is also designed to ensure that there is no lingering mal odor. Now enjoy a pleasant hair removal experience!
12 CAD for 150 ml.

Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream how to use

My Experience with Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream:

I prefer waxing for my underarms as I have been warned many times that the skin may turn black with constant usage of hair removal creams. I am not sure about that, but I am not taking any risks!! I love my even tone underarms!! I don’t have any hair growth on my arms and I never needed to go for waxing or anything. I have a few hair here and there on my legs which I need to wax once in 1-2 months. My hair on the legs very thin and soft, with very less growth.

Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream packaging

Now coming to this Veet in-shower hair removal cream, I grabbed it thinking I could use it in shower and this will save me the waiting time while applying the cream. This cream comes in a green tube with a two-sided sponge. I left that sponge in one of the hotels while travelling. Anyway, the sponge was useless as I felt I was wasting a lot of product on the sponge than on my legs. I use a spatula with this cream that I had received with another Veet product. This cream has a very strong medicated smell. I hate this smell!! This is the major drawback of this product.

Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream cap

All Veet products that I have used so far had strong medicated smells, but none this bad! The texture of the cream is almost like other hair removal creams, fine and thick. It’s easy to apply and spread. Now, coming to application part. The instruction says to avoid water on areas where cream is applied for the first two minutes. And guess what, the total time for applying the cream is 3 minutes!! How come they can label this one an “in-shower cream” when I am not supposed to wet the area??? So basically, I used it like any other normal hair removal cream pre-shower as I avoided water completely, what’s the point in wetting it for a minute, I can wait for whole 3 minutes!! The hair comes out smoothly and since I used the one especially for dry skin, it leaves my skin soft and not itchy. Three minutes is sufficient to take the hair off my skin, but this cream can be kept for up to 6 minutes to remove thick and stubborn hair. I always do a patch test for such products even if I have used them in past. I can see the hair growing back from the third day itself, so it’s good only for emergencies!! I do not have much hair so I could use one tube for 3-4 times as I have hair only on my lower leg area. For someone with lots of hair, this may prove out to be very expensive as you need lots of cream to cover both the legs.

Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream swatch

Pros of Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream:

  • Removes hair quickly and effectively.
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth.
  • Great for emergencies.

Cons of Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream:

  • Very strong, pathetic smell.
  • In-shower concept not achievable.
  • Hair grows back faster.
  • Useless sponge applicator.
  • Need lot of product for covering more areas.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream?
I do not see any additional benefit of this cream, normal hair removal cream does the same job. It’s good when you are in a hurry and don’t have time for waxing or hate shaving. I would rather buy normal Veet cream than this in-shower one solely because I hate this pathetic smell.
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