Vega Black Head Remover Review

Vega Black Head Remover

Hello Beauties,

I wish Happy Navratra to all of you. With start of festive season your trips to parlour must have started too. I am someone who goes for cleanup regularly but sometimes when I am travelling and parlour clean up is not possible I try to tackle such situations myself. And to help me in that I was looking for a blackhead remover stick from quite some time. Scrub and face pack application is something we all can do at home but extraction of blackheads is something which requires the tools and the expert. But now with such blackhead removing stick one can do deal with blackheads at home during emergencies. That is why I bought the Vega blackhead remover.


Price: INR 60

What product claims: Simple tools as professional to extract blackheads, pimples & clogged pores. Simply surround the blackhead with these tools then press gently to extract it.

My Experience with Vega Black Head Remover:

I have oily T zone and as you all know oily skin is more prone to blackheads/whiteheads so getting this product was a must for me. During busy schedules or while travelling when I cannot go for cleanup, I use this stick to keep my face bleak head free. I go the parlour way, I scrub my face first to remove the dead skin then I steam my face by placing hot towel on it. Doing this make pore open and makes blackhead extraction easy and less painful. Then I place the smaller hole on the blackhead and press it. Due to the pressure on surrounding area blackhead come out. If its new blackhead it will be difficult to extract, in that case do not put harsh pressure, you will end up damaging your skin. Take some more steam and try again. Other side of the stick is a bigger loop which can be used to extract pimples and whiteheads by gently rubbing it on skin.


Vega has always been a trusted brand for me for bath/face care accessories. This blackhead remover stick is made of stainless steel so it’s rustproof. One thing which is very important while using such tools is cleaning. Always sterilize the tool before and after use. (In parlours also I always see if they have tower and tool steriliser in place or not) never use the tool on your skin without cleaning it, else it might lead to skin infections (remember your pores are open after steaming when you using this tool). Also always use toner/ astringent/ icecubes to close the pore after doing blackhead removal, never skip this step. With these small things in mind and with help of this tool one can easily do cleanups at home.


Pros of Vega Black Head Remover:

• Works as claimed.
• Affordable.
• Made or stainless steel so one can sterilize it easily.
• Easily available.
• Easy to use and handle.


Cons of Vega Black Head Remover:

• None I can think of.

Final Verdict on Vega Black Head Remover: If you want to do cleanups at home, want to get rid of stubborn blackheads without going to the parlour then get this one.

IMBB Rating: 5/5

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  1. *thankyou* for the review…I saw this at a supermarket but ?? thought I might not be able to use it on myself or ruin my skin even more, but will get this next time *pompom* *haan ji*

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