Vega EV-02 Eyeshadow Brush Review

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Continuing with my spree of Vega reviews, I am reviewing an eyeshadow brush today and it’s an eyeshadow brush. Vega has the most affordable makeup brushes, which are also of good quality. The company has separate line of brushes – the affordable regular range and the slightly expensive professional range. Now let’s get into the review.

Vega EV02 Eyeshadow Brush full

INR 80
Product Description:
This Vega Eye Shadow Brush has been designed for the even spreading and blending of eye shadow. The special shape of this brush is specially designed for the eyes so that the deposits are not made in the patch but gets distributed evenly. Always use a separate brush for each color. One brush should be kept for shading and one brush should be kept for highlighting.

Vega Eyeshadow Brush

My Experience with Vega EV-02 Eye Shadow Brush:

The brush comes in a plastic pouch with a product label. It is standard packaging, nothing fancy. The transparent pack can help you to identify the brush while protecting it from dirt. Quite travel friendly. Product details are mentioned clearly.

Vega EV02 Eyeshadow Brush packaging

I didn’t have high expectations from this brush. I love makeup brushes from Forever 21, Ecotools and Real Techniques, but thought of looking for cheaper options. One can never have too many brushes, especially for eye makeup because you need multiples to work with varied colors.

This Vega eye shadow brush has a wooden handle with the brand logo engraved over it. I find that the brushes by Vega are very light, easy to carry yet quite sturdy. Unless you like throw weight or sit on it with force, there isn’t much chance of the handle snapping. Again, it is a basic brush and lacks the frills and finesse that you see from other reputed brands.

Vega EV02 Eyeshadow Brush bristles

It has a flat brush surface with a sligthly rounded top. The bristles are straight and made of synthetic fibres. It lacks fluffiness and is not recommended for blending eyeshadows. The bristles are quite soft and do not hurt the delicate eyelids. I am happy as even though the price is nominal, it doesn’t feel like a cheaply made brush.

Vega Eyeshadow Brush Review

This brush is best for applying eyeshadows, not blending them. If you want to press the shades on your eyelids, before working with a fluffy brush, then this is great. It works well with powder and cream formulas, evenly distributing it on eyelids. Also, if you like to apply concealer underneath your eyes, this brush is a good option. The flat surface helps in precise application and is a better choice than blending with fingers.

The brush hasn’t lost its shape or shed a single bristle, even with a couple of washes. It dries pretty quickly. Also, it is easy to clean the brush in between eyeshadow application, just wipe it on wet wipes or tissues to remove the residue. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

Pros of Vega EV-02 Eyeshadow Brush:

  • Nicely made.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Soft flat brush.
  • Aids in precise and easy application of eyeshadow and concealer.
  • Dries easily.
  • Retains shape, no bristle loss.

Cons of Vega EV-02 Eyeshadow Brush:

  • Can’t be used for blending shadows.
  • Packaging could have been better.

Would I Recommend Vega EV-02 Eyeshadow Brush?
Yes, it’s a basic eyeshadow brush that doesn’t hurt your wallet.
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