Vega Fan Brush Review

Vega Fan Brush

Hello beautiful ladies,

Good quality brushes are an essential part of collecting makeup, as brushes can make or ruin your look. When I started collecting my makeup brushes, I wasn’t aware of brushes that exist. After doing a lot of research I got to know about some of them which helped me build my collection. But there was one kind of brush I was always attracted to but I never brought as I wasn’t sure about how to use it. They are called the fan brushes and today I am going to review one such fan brush. The brush I have is from Vega. This is my first fan brush and I started with this brand due to its affordability.

Vega Fan Brush

Price: INR 80


The brush comes in a plastic packaging like all other Vega Brushes.

Product Description:

This brush can be used for dusting off excess powder from the eyes and creases of the nose and eyes. It can also be used as a highlighter.

My take on the Fan brush:

Vega’s fan brush has a sufficiently long wooden handle and black bristles. The handle is round in shape and easy to grip. The bristles are very soft but are different from the bristles usually found in brushes. To me it feels like they are made of very fine plastic which does not absorb color at all. This quality and the black color of the bristles make it very easy to clean after use. Actually this brush does not seem to be dirty even if used several times.

Vega Fan Brush (2)

Vega Fan Brush (3)

As mentioned in the description, this is exactly what I used it for. This brush is very convenient to dust off the excess eye shadow which sometimes falls on the cheeks. The other thing for which this brush can be used for is highlighting. I have tried using it for my cheek bones and nose area. I wasn’t too happy with the way it worked on my nose, but for highlighting the cheek bones it is a good alternative. Few months back, while watching a YouTube video I saw a beauty guru mentioned that these kinds of brushes can also be used for applying blushes. I tried doing so, but it was a complete fail. The reason behind this can be the thickness and quality of the brushes. As compared to some high quality fan brushes, Vega’s fan brush have very thin bristles, probably just 2-3 layers of bristles, which makes it difficult to apply products like blushes with these.

Vega Fan Brush (4)

As far as shedding of bristles is concerned, I haven’t yet faced any problem with the brush. It’s probably due to the rare use of the brush. According to me this brush is correctly named as a Fan brush as it reminds me of the fan we used to make with paper in our school days.

Vega Fan Brush (6)

Pros of Vega Fan Brush:

• Affordable.
• Does its work effectively.
• Soft bristles.
• Easy to grip handle.
• Does not absorb much of product.

Cons of Vega Fan Brush:

• With such an affordable price I did not find any con in this. The one thing I wish is that the thickness of the bristles would be a little more so that it can be used for some other purposes too.

Vega Fan Brush (5)
Final Verdict:

A good quality affordable brush which is good for beginners, who like collecting brushes but do not wish to spend a ton on such brushes.

Would I buy Vega Fan Brush again?

Not this one, but after buying this I have started liking Fan brushes, so next time I will go for a little better quality one.

Do I recommend Vega Fan Brush?

If you like experimenting with different kinds of brushes and do not want to spend much, then you should buy this one.

IMBB Rating: 4/5 due to its affordable price

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