Vega Flat Hair Styling Brush Review

Vega Flat Hair Styling Brush Review

Hello IMBB gang!

Vega Flat hairstyling Brush

Today, I am going to review a hair brush I bought about a year ago. Back then, I had very little idea about makeup and beauty. I hadn’t discovered IMBB or watched beauty videos on Youtube. I have wavy, frizzy, dry hair and I read somewhere that one needs to brush frizzy hair to detangle it. What a great piece of misinformation that was! Anyway, I went and bought this “expensive” and “professional” looking hair brush.


As you can see, I was uninitiated into beauty talk and had not even heard of Vega. This brush has been lying around for quite a long time due to misuse on my part. However, being an IMBBian now, I can confidently review it! (ting!)


Price: Rs. 170. I think I got it for Rs. 160.

For daily styling, to add volume and strength of your hair. Ideal for daily styling for styles that require body and volume. These brushes are designed to smooth shape and polish all hair lengths and texture. Ball tips nylon bristle gently massage scalp and helps in detangling and add root lift. Suitable for all hair lengths.


My Take on Vega Flat Hair Styling Brush:

I essentially bought this to help detangle my hair faster. It does do that, but a lot of hair comes off with the brush and I mean, A LOT. After I became wiser and better educated, I stopped using this for detangling. I went back to using my wide-toothed comb and extra-conditioning my hair. I started using this for styling instead, after my hair has been detangled. I don’t have a blow dryer, so I just used this directly to swipe it on my hair and just kind of wing the tips. It does do that, as a styling brush is supposed to do, but still a lot of hair comes out. Even if I don’t take it anywhere near my roots and scalp and use it just to wing the detangled tips, still a lot of hair just comes off! The bristles are not as soft as one hopes and this one is definitely not one for massaging the scalp. Another horrible part is the cleaning part. This brush gets so dirty, so easily with all the excess hair, that you need to clean it almost daily. Even then, its an effort because the hair are stuck like glue to its bristles. The brush is very sturdy though and the handle makes for a strong and comfy grip with its rubber padding. In fact, this brush is good in case you want to hit someone with it! Not that I have tried to do so.


I want to ask all you beauties, is the Philips Salon Pro blow dryer a good one to buy, in case you have used it and what brands of hair brushes would you recommend?

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23 thoughts on “Vega Flat Hair Styling Brush Review

  1. i’ve the philips dryer…its good, pretty powerful. Bought in india, but it got short-wired when i tried to use it in Singapore. Here too the current is same 220v like in india, still it gave out. O:) Pulls a lot of power.

  2. i have used vega hair brushes too…thy arent tht good.. :nababana: :nababana: thy lead to a lot of hair breakage…
    i am using denman brushes now , which professionals in salons use…and its really good 🙂

  3. Vega brushes, I haven’t tried them yet….but I am scared to use these kind of brushes…they can tangle all hair together and I am scared I would have to chop my hair in an odd manner………good review Amritha :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

    1. i toh have all no brand brushes. :chewnails only one comb is from TBS that also i got phree with the shampoo pack i bought :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  4. I am also using this broosshhh… :woot: :woot: and i liked it bristles top as they are soft on scrap.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: better than regular combs..its gives nice grip and hence easy to comb hairs..

  5. I have this one ,but I dont face any hairfall problem with this :methinks:
    I love this brush,I use it after washing my hairs when they have just dried and my hairs go straight straight straight :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

  6. I have panasonic hair dryer, not very impressed for Rs 2000, but its okay. I have vega brushes- the paddle, boar bristled one and a round brush. let us know which blow dryer you pick :))

  7. i have this!!! its 185 bucks now 😐 i got flattered by its looks :headbang: you are so right amrita, its just waste of money :sick:

  8. i dont like only such brushes… be it any brand..they cause a lot of breakage.. and too much work cleaning them.. i prefer our good old comb anyday… wide tooth.. normal tooth.. ordinary comb are the best :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

  9. Hi Amrita! My hubby gifted me the Philips saloncompact for my first karva chauth.. its a nice piece…compact looks elegant and powerful. But mine one doesnt have any attatchments.

  10. I have the SalonDry Pro. It’s pretty awesome. AC motor, multiple heat settings, cool shots, comes with a diffuser, a narrow concentrator and a reallly long chord. But the only con… well maybe not a con.. It says it’s the lights AC motor but its actually quite heavy. Also like other philips products, the plug just doesn’t fit right in my switchboard!

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