Vega Foot Mouse-Review

Vega Foot Mouse-Review

Today I am going to review a unique product from Vega. I have started using it only this winter but my mom has been using it for quite some time. I am using it only as a part of regular pampering but that is not the case with my mom. She uses it for cracked heels. You won’t believe how wonderfully it works at such low price. Time to drive deep into the review.

Vega foot mouse

Product Description:

Foot mouse is a magical tool which has more than 130 precision micro files. It tenderly removes dry and callus skin to keep your feet smooth and beautiful. The foot mouse is designed to fit into the palm of your hand, making it safe & user friendly.

Cost :

INR 225

Vega Foot Mouse (3)
Vega Foot mouse consists of 5 units.
• Top cover
• Micro precision file
• Pumice stone
• Emery pad
• Bottom cover

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My take on Vega Foot Mouse:

Vega Foot Mouse (2)

In the beginning, I have described this as a unique product. Do you know why? It’s shape. This product has been named by its shape. It has been designed with so much effort. Mouse shape top ensures proper movement and effective placement of hand for usage. It also looks cute.

Vega Foot Mouse

I have tried it both on moist and dry feet. I personally find this product works well on damp feet. I try and soak my foot in warm water for 10 minutes. It works well that way.

The first product that should be used first is the micro precision file. I have used the other two units. This was the first time I used a micro precision file. Place the micro precision file on the top portion of the mouse. Place you hand on the mouse (just like how you use your computer mouse) and start moving in back and forth on your heel portion. Read it correctly. Only heel portion of your foot. I would like to stress on this. It may be little hard on the other portion of the leg and may give scratches. Once you are done, remove the top portion. You can see the dry skin collected there. Empty the dead skin and clean the top cover and micro precision file in running water. Dry them completely.

Vega Foot Mouse (5)

Next start using the pumice stone to exfoliate and smooth foot. It works like any other normal pumice stone. No complaints here. The last and final product is the emery pad. Affix the self adhesive emery pad in to bottom cover. Place it in to top cover same as placing precision file and use it to shape. I feel the emery pad is little too thin and it gets spoiled quite easily. But overall, I am happy with the results. My foot really feels soft.
Vega Foot Mouse (6)

Vega Foot Mouse (7)

Wash each and every unit and dry properly. I need not say micro precision file will get spoiled if not dried properly. Stop using it if it gets rusted. I would suggest replacing it at regular intervals.

Pros of Vega Foot Mouse:

• 3 in 1 product.
• Affordable price.
• Good time pass in the weekend. It will fun to use.
• Easily Available.
• It works. It gives real soft foot.

Cons of Vega Foot Mouse:

• Cleaning has to be proper otherwise it might spoil.
• Emery pad could have been little thicker.

It works wonderfully for the price. I am impressed. I would recommend this to everybody out there. If you have cracked heels, this is a must have for you. If not, start pampering.

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  1. This has been around for quite some time, but I somehow felt it would be a dud so never picked it up. Well, now I know 🙂

  2. this is 1 of th products for which i was DYIN to c a review on..i’v been eyeing it for ages but was skeptical! thankuuuss for th review, m surely getting this now 🙂

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