Vega Makeup Brushes : Lip and Face Pack

Vega Brushes –Lips and FacePack Review

Helow Beautiful ladies, Today, I will be reviewing the 3 Vega brushes that I own and use them quite often. Vega brushes are the best ones for starters interested makeup and beauty as they are completely affordabale and offer the users complete free to experiment and get their hands on. Well two of the brushes came to my kitty because of the above reason and the third one because of its packing style.

vega lips face pack

1. Vega Face Pack Brush : (Rs 70.00)

veg foundation brush

Company Claims:
This brush is made from less absorbent bristles for the effective and even application of face pack

My Views on the Vega Face Pack Brush
Well this is my first brush from vega. I used to apply facepacks with fingers which I must admit used to get messy with regard to the even application of the face pack and accessibility in certain parts of the face. When I first saw this brush in Health and glow, the idea of using a brush for face pack attracted me a lot. I use this brush always when I apply face packs and quite enjoy the whole process.

Pros of Vega Face Pack Brush
• The bristles are quite densely packed and thus enable easy picking and application of facepacks
• The bristles are light coloured(cream or very light brown) thus making it easier to know the amount facepack picked and also easy to see that it has been cleaned thoroughly
• Easily available
• Reasonable price
• Easy to clean and dry.

Cons of Vega Face Pack Brush
• Cleaning the brush can be tricky if the facepace enters the densely packed brush
• The brush needs to be dried well after cleaning with water else the dampness may make the wooden handle to stink

Recommendation- Yes,I would surely recommend this all ladies.
Rating: 4.8/5

2. Vega Lip Liner Brush: (Rs.50)

vega lip liner brush

Company claims:
Ideal for defining the outer lip lines. Vega Lip Liners are carefully crafted to enhance the beauty of the lips. The hair is firmly tufted together for facilitating fine application of a clean, neat line without any hair separation.

My Views on the Vega Lip Liner Brush
Well, this is the second brush in my collection. I just owned 3 lip liner pencils and the idea of using a thin brush to line the lips with the lipstick and then fill with the same attracted me. Another reason was that I dint want to spend on buying lip pencils with every lip stick shade that I bought. This seemed to be a very economic and smart way to line the lips. The brush picks up the colour nicely and is easy to glide on the lips with the same. However a little bit of a practice will make any user perfect to use this brush and line the lips. I just wipe off the bristles with a cotton after use and clean it using my MAC brush cleaner once in a week

Pros of Vega Lip Liner Brush
• Reasonable price
• Easily available
• Can be easily cleaner with cotton or MAC brush cleaner solution
• The bristles are quite smooth and glide on easily on the lips making it easy for the application
• lightweight and easy to use

Cons of Vega Lip Liner Brush
Nothing that I can think of.

Rating: 5/5

3. Vega Reversible Lip Filler Brush : (Rs 120.00)

vega lip brush

Company Claims: Vega Lip Filler is an ideal accompaniment to Lip-Stick & Lip Color It is perfect for detailing along the lips and applying the color evenly and consistently. It is an ideal product to carry in the purse

My Views on the Vega Reversible Lip Filler Brush
Now this is the brush I am completely in love with and I bought two of them. I had seen a retractable Lipstick brush from MAC which can be easily carried in the purse. It costed around 1000 rupees, though I was quite attracted by the style of the brush the price seemed to be a little high. When I was ordering a few items from urbantouch site I came across this retractable brush and found it quite attractive both in packaging and price. I must agree that I was quite satisfied with this brush as it gives out an even application of the lipstick and is easy to use and is pocket friendly. The cap slides on the brush like and pen and can be easily carried in the purse.

Pros of Vega Reversible Lip Filler Brush
• Attractive packaging and easy to carry in purse as the cap slides over the brush easily
• Reasonable price
• Can be easily cleaner with cotton or MAC brush cleaner solution
• lightweight and easy to use

Cons of Vega Reversible Lip Filler Brush
Nothing that I can think of.

Rating: 5/5

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28 thoughts on “Vega Makeup Brushes : Lip and Face Pack

    1. So true Rati… This was the first brush that i bought and i am completely in love with it.. give it a shot :pompom: :pompom:

  1. Brushes look fit for their purpose..Worth giving a try.. :yes: Right now in brushes domain I have only toothbrush.. :teeth

      1. I would suggest You to check the vega site Laxmi.. you will get to know the different types of brushes and their purposes.. I was exactly like you few months back and acquired quite a bit of gyan from IMBB.. :preen:

    1. You can try giving Vega brushes a try.. they are just perfect for the starters and :teddy: go easy on pocket too.

  2. very helpful review nupurrrr 🙂 … getting the retractable lip brush…….i hav d facepack brush already…..the bristles r non absorbent n densely packed but its a pain to completely wipe off any pack containing fullers earth…..

    1. Agree with you Sophia… I just dip the bristles of the brush in water for some time and them take it out for drying.. helps a lot this way :clap:

  3. Thanks for sharing Gurpreet, seems good for its price.. Well reviewed .. :yes: Will try them for sure, esp face pack brush.. :makeup:

  4. Good morning Gurpreet……I have the face pack brush, mine is a little corase and rough…..VEga brushes come at a reasonable price and are good otherwise….

  5. i recently bought vega blush brush,fan brush,eye shadow brush and foundation brush!!they are sooo pocket friendly and of good quality!!!great for a newbie like :silly: me!!! :methinks: :makeup: :preen:

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