Vega Make-Up Brushes Set Review

Vega Make-Up Brushes Set


When it comes to makeup, make up brushes plays an important and inevitable role. Makeup brushes are a key to a beautiful face. Finding the right makeup brush for your eyes, lips and face can be very difficult. Today I will be reviewing, Vega makeup brushes set. Vega offers both professional & regular makeup brushes. Read on to know more about these brushes

Set Contents: Lip Liner Brush, Lip Filler Brush, 2 Eye Shadow Brush, Eye Liner Brush, Eye Groomer Brush, Eye Applicator, Blush Brush and a Brush holder


Price: INR 450

My Experience with Vega Make-Up Brushes Set

I bought this Vega Makeup brush set a year ago and have been loving it since then. This set consists of 8 brushes, 2 for lips, 6 eye brushes and a blush brush. These Makeup Brushes have perfectly rounded bristles made up of high quality Nylon (it is a type of plastic being used in making bristles of brushes). The bristles are very soft and are perfect to contour & highlight the face. These quality brushes give superior control and even coverage while applying makeup. The handle of brushes made of wood which is then polished to give a classy look. You get brushes with handles made of plastics too in the market but better quality handles are of made of seasoned hardwood which help you in doing makeup with ease and precision.

Lip Brushes:

• The lip liner brush has a very slender tip that will allow you to define the contours of your lips and make them look fuller or thinner. The fine bristles let you to sketch the lip outline neatly.


• The Lip Filler Brush is a fuller brush when compared to the Lip Liner Brush, it has decent amount of hair & glides easily on the lips without being scratchy. If you have a lip palette & need a brush this is perfect for the job.

Eye Brushes:

• The Eyeshadow brushes are my favourite amongst the lot. They are very dense and pick decent amount of color & helps in blending eyeshadow evenly without patches.

• The Eyeliner Brush is perfect to apply gel and cream eyeliners. The tapering tip of this brush gives you even and precise strokes every time.

eye brushes

• The Eye Applicator has a very soft and delicate sponge tip & it picks only a small amount of the color.

• The Eye Groomer is a very a usual product with lash and brow combs back to back.

Blush Brush: This is an OK brush, not too dense however it does the job well. It makes the application of the blush easy & provides even coverage This brush can also be sometimes used for applying loose powder in order to set the foundation.

blush brush

Pros of Vega Make-Up Brushes Set:

• Very affordable
• These brushes are very easy to clean and hardly shed any hair while washing.
• Come in a cute brush holder with space good enough to store atleast 12-14 brushes.
• Easily available
• Blush brush serves a dual purpose
• Nice wooden handle
• Bristles are very soft and are not harsh on skin
• Perfect for the beginners

Cons of Vega Make-Up Brushes Set:

• Sponge tip eye applicator is very flimsy
• Blush brush is not dense enough

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Do I recommend Vega Makeup Brush Set? Definitely, to everyone who is looking for a basic makeup brush set.

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