Vega Natural Bristle Bath Brush Review

By Grisha Gupta

Dear IMBBans,

How is the Diwali prep going? I can’t be at home with my parents as I have college going on, such a disappointed feeling. To fill the void, I’m binge-online-shopping. Just now I ordered a kohl kajal from Colorbar and their mascara (got a 15% off, yay!). Some time back, while Pinteresting, I got obsessed with cellulite removal methods and dry brushing, so I got myself this bath brush from Vega. I was confused between wooden bristles and natural bristles; as a start, I chose natural. I will review the brush today.

Vega Natural Bristle Bath Brush Review

Product Description:
This long handle back-brush is an easy and simple way to wash and clean your back. As an added benefit the detachable head comes off to scrub your arms, legs and body. It as a convenient rope to hang and canvas strap for easy holding.

INR 250

My Experience with Vega Natural Bristle Bath Brush:

Vega Natural Bristle Bath Brush Review1

The brush comes in a packet which is transparent from one side and translucent from the other. The entire brush is wooden with a rope at the end of the handle which makes it very easy to hang. The base of the brush is white and is made of plastic which looks very cute. The brush is detachable and has a strap at the back. This makes it super-duper easy to scrub your upper body. The long handle makes it easy to access the back. The bristles are not too hard and not too soft either. They apply the right amount of pressure while scrubbing.

Vega Natural Bristle Bath Brush Review2

At first, I was having a little difficulty detaching the brush from the handle. I was afraid to apply pressure as I thought it would break. I was disappointed and gave up. Then after a couple of days, when I was cleaning it, it got wet and with a little pressure it came off (thank god). It will now be easy to carry this brush while traveling. I make sure I scrub every day, even if it is just for 5 minutes and then take a quick shower after. When I’m done scrubbing, I can feel the circulation in my body. The skin feels soft and renewed. I don’t always have the time to apply a moisturizer after but it is a must. For all of you who have enough time on your hands, please do apply moisturizer.

Vega Natural Bristle Bath Brush Review4

Also after you wash the brush, make sure it dries completely before your next use. It is ineffective if the brush is damp or wet. In India, dry brushing is not as common. It should be adopted by all. It is a healthy habit and it removes dead skin and cellulite. When I go back home, I’ll make sure my mum starts using this too. This is a nice brush to start with. The first time, a couple of bristles will fall out but that doesn’t happen later. It’s a great product and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Vega Natural Bristle Bath Brush Review3

It’s been some days since I incorporated this in my daily regime, and I’m proud of myself. My skin is lighter under my arms, I can’t recall the last time my feet felt this soft, my heels and elbows are getting better too. I now wish I had made this purchase sooner.

Pros of Vega Natural Bristle Bath Brush:

• Cheap
• Detachable brush with a long handle
• Easy to travel with
• Bristles are not too hard and give really good circulation afterwards
• Easily available

Cons of Vega Natural Bristle Bath Brush:

• The bristles fall out initially, but this can be overlooked

Would I Repurchase Vega Natural Bristle Bath Brush?
I like trying new products, so if I find something new, I may not repurchase this. But if I don’t, then definitely yes.

IMBB Rating:
5/5 <3

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  1. I am also buying it Grisha. I have not seen a lot of their products in the shops here so didn’t know about it. I am also guilty of never trying dry brushing technique.

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