Vega Premium Collection Large Wooden Paddle Brush Review

Vega Premium Collection Large Wooden Paddle Brush Review

Hello Ladies,

Although, I keep trying different cosmetics and skin care products, for some strange reason, I was never keen on trying different types of hair brushes available.  So, one fine day, when I saw my friend using a huge wooden paddle brush, I thought I must try it too. I researched a bit and found out that wooden bristle brushes are far better than plastic or nylon ones for your hair.  So, I went ahead and purchased one such paddle brush from Vega’s Premium Collection.


Product Description:

Vega medium bamboo wooden paddle brush with round tipped wooden bristles easily penetrates the hair, stimulates and massages the scalp. Its wooden bristles massage and distribute precious oils from the root of the hair to its ends for the maintenance of healthy and beautiful hair.


  • Handle designed for greater comfort.
  • Well balanced flexible and superior design of bristles.
  • Simple design with an emphasis on function.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.


Rs. 250


It comes in a simple yet sturdy plastic box. It is a cardboard stand with information of other brushes printed on the back.

Paddle Brush 2

My Experience with Vega Premium Collection Large Wooden Paddle Brush:

I have relatively thick hair and normally use a detangling comb instead of the fine bristled comb. I picked up a large brush taking into consideration that I have relatively thick hair.  So, when I first used it, I realized that I will have to put some pressure on the brush so that it reaches my scalp. Now, I thought this brush would glide through my hair like butter once I detangle my hair, but I was disappointed to see that it didn’t work the way I expected it to. I don’t think women with fine and thin hair will face this issue.

Paddle Brush 3

The bristles of this brush are rounded which massage the scalp and that feels quite relaxing, but like I said earlier, you will have to apply a little pressure. It doesn’t detangle my hair as such. It does make my hair a little more straight but nothing extraordinary. If you have dry and frizzy hair, don’t expect any magic as such.

Now, comes the cleaning part. Oh, I can’t tell you, it is such a headache to clean this brush. The bed of this brush has grid like texture and is white in colour whereas the bristles are light beige in colour. So, the brush, especially the bristles get dirty pretty soon. Since both the bed and bristles are light in colour, it takes a lot of time to clean the brush thoroughly.

Paddle Brush 4

Also, there is a vent on the bed of the brush which allows air circulation. Now what happens while cleaning is that the water goes inside this vent and it takes a lot of effort to take that water out of the vent. So as claimed, it is definitely not an easy task to clean this brush.  If you experience hair fall, you will have a tough time using this brush as the broken hair wraps around the bristles and it is quite a task to take it off.

Paddle Brush 5

So, I would say, it is an average brush which may work well for those with thin hair, but those with curly and thick hair must stay away from this if you are looking for a hassle-free brush.

Pros of Vega Premium Collection Large Wooden Paddle Brush:

  • The rounded top bristles massage the scalp.
  • Looks nice and classy.
  • Handle grip is good.
  • Good quality bristles.
  • Makes hair little straight than usual.

Cons of Vega Premium Collection Large Wooden Paddle Brush:

  • Doesn’t reach my scalp easily.
  • Doesn’t detangle my hair.
  • Difficult to clean.

IMBB Rating:

3/5 solely, for the good quality bristles. Although, I wish they were a long enough to reach my scalp easily.

Will I Repurchase Vega Premium Collection Large Wooden Paddle Brush?

No, I will try the Faces paddle brush next which was reviewed here earlier.

Do I Recommend Vega Premium Collection Large Wooden Paddle Brush?

If you have thick hair stay away from this brush. Ladies with thin hair it may just work for you.

Thank you all for reading.

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17 thoughts on “Vega Premium Collection Large Wooden Paddle Brush Review

  1. Really disappointed! *silence* I was happy to see the review and was thinking to buy but *nonono* will not. I have medium hair but don’t want to take risk *pigtail*

  2. Hi
    I am using Plastic flat brush by Salon. And I really find it difficult to clean it *headbang* . How to clean such brushes? Can anyone help me out please?
    Thanks in advance *thankyou*

  3. to clean any brush with a vent..remove all hair with scissors.. dip cotton buds in hand sanitizer and rub through the base and it removes all dirt without any water… 🙂

      1. Hey thanks! *clap*
        I tried it out today, I used toothpick and ear buds.
        I felt it’s a good technique. *announce*

  4. I have this brush and I love it *announce* . May be cuz of my thin hair *pigtail* .

    I remove all the struck hair with the help of a pin and then clean it. It is fast that way. *hifive*

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