Vega Premium Hair Straightening Brush Review

Vega Premium Hair Straightening Brush Review

Hello ladies,

I don’t how many hearts have broken after listening the news of Atif Aslam’s marriage on 28th March, mine is in pieces.  Well, I have to console myself somehow (I am thinking about some shopping and dark chocolates).  Today, I am reviewing a hair straightening brush by Vega. By hair straightening brush, I thought a brush just like a straightening iron, but with bristles rather than heating plates for straightening.  Sounds cool, right? Straightening while brushing, without heat and all.  I thought exactly the same, but its not like that. I think it is necessary to write about such products so that fellow IMBBians would not pick it up.  I have medium length, wavy to curly hair. They get frizzy and out of control sometimes, but I love them no matter what. I do love my curls, but sometimes I feel like straightening them up.  I usually use flat iron to straighten out my hair occasionally. I don’t use heat on my hair much, it kills curls. So when I saw this product online, I immediately placed the order. Read on more about how this disappointed me.


Product Description:

Vega Hair Care Premium Straightening Brush H1-SB.  Ideal for straightening hair during blow drying with an ergonomically designed handle for easier handling and vented ceramic plated which allows warm air to circulate for high speed straightening and natural boar bristles for a healthy glossy look. It is a simple solution for those who want a fast alternative to straighten their hair. Suitable for medium to long hair.  It also says about – Hair Care.  Having lustrous and healthy hair is the dream of every man and woman. Beautiful hair is a must and therefore we have brought for you an exclusive hair brush / combs collection that will solve all your hair problems and also give you an idea as to which hairstyle will look good on you.  All hair brushes are not created the same. Some are best for styling; others are ideal for creating smoothness. Vega provides you every special purpose hair brush for a specific styling.

strong>Directions For Use:

First and foremost, always comb/brush your hair gently to prevent breakage.  Hair is at its weakest when wet.  So never brush/comb your hair when wet. As far as possible, let your hair dry naturally.  Take proper care of your hair and they will in return compliment your personality.


Rs. 475/-

Description of the Brush:

It is just like a straightening iron as I mentioned earlier with bristles at both sides instead of heating plates. It has lock at the end which keeps it closed.  It comes in black and white color. Handle is sturdy and of good quality.

Vega straightening brush 3

My Experience with Vega Premium Hair Straightening Brush:

As I have stated earlier, being a non-heat straightening brush, I purchased it.  It has very hard, rough and sharp bristles. The first time I tried, it yanked half of my hair out. As per the instructions, I took a well-brushed section of hair and placed it between the two parts of the brush, just like we do with our regular curling iron. I closed the brush and tried to glide it downwards, but it just refused to move at all. My hair got trapped and I immediately released the handle. A lot of hair got tangled in those hard bristles.

Vega straightening brush 2

It just refused to let my hair go. I slowly removed my hair from the brush and checked for instructions again. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I tried with a smaller section of hair.  Sadly, I had the same experience.  It is just too harsh on the hair and I threw the brush away in disgust. I have used the brush only a few times and the bristles look damaged and all bent and all it did was to damage my hair. I never used the brush after a few unsuccessful attempts. This product is just nay.

Vega straightening brush extra

Pros of Vega Premium Hair Straightening Brush:

  • Handle and locking is of good quality material.
  • Price is lesser than other hair straightening brushes.

Vega straightening brush 4

Cons of Vega Premium Hair Straightening Brush:

  • Very hard and sharp bristles.
  • False claim about hair care.
  • Price is higher comparatively.
  • Bristles gets damaged within a few applications.

You can totally skip this.

IMBB Rating:

I am giving it a generous 2/5.

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5 thoughts on “Vega Premium Hair Straightening Brush Review

  1. i was so tempted to see it 🙂 its hard to believe that it dint work 🙁 u can try using this after trying a de tangling serum may be 🙂 my heart sinked 🙁

  2. you know yesterday only i saw it on flipkart and was tempted to buy..but was hoping to see if someone had used it.. 🙂
    you saved me and my hair lol 🙂 😉

  3. i was elated when i saw the first pic! 😀 but then it turned out to be a dud 🙁 i guess this would work on naturally straight hair which has become a bit wavy due to ponytails and plaits :-/ not for curly hair at all…. but hard bristles?? yikes! 😮 thanks for the review

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