Vega Pro-Touch 1800-2000 ( VHDP-02 ) Hair Dryer Review

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A shiny and lustrous mane is desired by all. People, especially ladies, invest a lot in their hair and why shouldn’t they! Everyone loves pampering themselves. I have waist length hair and I take a lot of care of my hair, be it hot oiling or deep conditioning. I like styling my hair and I prefer products that are not harmful for my hair. As far as styling is concerned, I use professional range appliances. Although they are a bit expensive, they are like one time investment. You invest in something of good quality and it stays with you for long.

Vega Pro-Touch 1800-2000 ( VHDP-02 ) Hair Dryer Review

It can be a pain to dry waist length hair and the amount of heat that is required damages hair beyond repair. That’s why I used to dry my hair with a table fan, but it would take a lot of time, so I kept switching between table fan and my old dryer. One day, I was in a hurry, so I used a friend’s dryer and it had cold setting option in it. It took me less time than what it used to take for drying with table fan + no damage as the dryer was on cold setting (yay!). I went to the market the same day and got the same dryer for me. So I am going to review a professional range hair dryer by Vega today.

INR 2200


• 2 heat/speed settings for the perfect styling
• Safety automatic overheat cut out
• 1800-2000 Watt hair dryer for professional styling
• Powerful airflow
• Cool shot to set your style
• Removable end cap for easy cleaning
• Cord guard with hanging loop for easy storage
• 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1800-2000W
• 2 year warranty

My Experience with Vega Pro-Touch 1800-2000 ( VHDP-02 ) Hair Dryer:


The dryer has 3 buttons on it and 2 speed settings. One of the button is for cold air which is also the on and off switch and the other is for hot air and hot-air speed setting. One additional button is there which can be used for flow of cold air in mid of hot air setting. This cool shot can be done by continuously pressing the button till required. It is a powerful dryer and of the size you generally see in a salon. There were 2 caps in the box of same dimensions. I don’t use the caps as much though.


The dryer is a bit heavy than the regular dryers and it has a long cord for easy and free movement with a hanging loop which, again, I don’t use. The dryer is amazing. I am in love with it because I know it is not damaging my hair on cold setting. It completely dries my hair in 20 minutes. As it is a powerful dryer, it is a bit noisy. But dryers are noisy, so that is not a problem. Also it has a big mouth for air flow, hence more air at a good speed makes it effective.


Pros of Vega Pro-Touch 1800-2000 ( VHDP-02 ) Hair Dryer:

• Dual temperature settings
• Cool shot option
• Decently priced for professional range
• Long cord
• Powerful

Cons of Vega Pro-Touch 1800-2000 ( VHDP-02 ) Hair Dryer:

• Can’t think of any. Noisy maybe?

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Vega Pro-Touch 1800-2000 ( VHDP-02 ) Hair Dryer?
Yes I do. If you are planning to buy a dryer, go for it. Although it is a bit pricy, it is worth all the money and is a one-time investment and you deserve the best.

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