Vega Professional Liner Brush PB-16 Review

Vega Professional Liner Brush PB-16

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Today I am reviewing liner brush from vega. For gel eyeliners I prefer angled brushes, but for liquid eyeliner nothing beats the good old pointed tip brush. I was looking for this kind of a brush for my colored liquid liners, whilte lining my eyes everytime my lashes would also get painted with the colored eyeliner, and this one fits the bill perfectly.

Vega Professional Liner Brush PB-161

Product Description:

This Eyeliner brush is recommended for applying gel and creme eye liners. This is one of most popular eyeliner brushes in the market.


Rs. 180

My Experience with Vega Professional Liner brush PB-16:

The brush comes in the regular vega packaging, in a transparent plastic pouch. I have been using this brush since long and am completely satisfied with it. The brush looks long and sleek, the handle of the brush is matte black and the barrel is silver colored, it looks classy and the bristles are synthetic. It is travel friendly but slightly longer than other brushes, so if you are looking for a small brush than this is not for you. Other than that the brush is really good, the bristles are soft yet firm, and do not scratch at all and feel soft on the eyes. The bristles are pointed and not very dense at the tip and therefore, extremely thin lines can be created with ease. It applie the eyeliner evenly, I simply dip the brush in the liquid liner and apply it. When appliying the liner with this brush my lashes no longer get coated with the eyeliner. I have also once tried it with gel liner, and it applies properly.

Vega Professional Liner Brush PB-16-2

I have washed it many times till date and there is absolutely no fallout and even after washing, the bristles are still in the same shape. Washing it is not much of a problem and it dries within 20 minutes. This brush can also be used to line your lips as well, although I use it solely for lining eyes. The size of the bristles is perfect and creates thin as well as thick lines, also making a wing eyelier is very easy with this one due to the precision application. And because the bristles are slightly longer, the product does not get struck at the base causing a mess.

Vega Professional Liner Brush PB-16-3

Pros of Vega Professional liner brush PB-16:

• Creates thin as well as thick lines
• Soft yet firm bristles and precision application
• No shedding while washing
• Matte black packaging
• Bristles dries quickly
• Reasonably priced
• Easily available

Vega Professional Liner Brush PB-16-4

Cons of Vega Professional Liner brush PB-16:

• Handle is a little long.

Do I recommend Vega Professional Liner brush PB-16?

Yes I recommend it, if you want a very precision application and want to create fine lines.

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