Vega Refreshing Wet Wipes Basil and Chamomile Review

Skin Type: Oily and Sensitive

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I recently did a skin care haul and picked up some new wet wipes from Vega. The brand has launched four new variants of wet wipes and today I am going to review the Basil and Chamomile one. Let’s get into the review.

Vega Refreshing Wet Wipes Chamomile

Price: INR 50 for 10 wipes

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Vega Refreshing Wet Wipes Basil and Chamomile Ingredients 1

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My Experience with Vega Refreshing Wet Wipes Basil and Chamomile:

Vega Refreshing Wet Wipes come in a small sky blue coloured plastic pouch with some nice print over it that indicates the variant. On the front, there is a usual plastic seal that can be opened and resealed safely. It’s easy to pull out these wipes. The seal sticks well and is quite strong in nature, so it will last long. This is totally a travel-friendly packaging and one pack contains 10 wipes. No bigger size is available as of now.

Vega Refreshing Wet Wipes Basil and Chamomile Front 1

Since these wipes contain basil and chamomile they have a beautiful strong scent of basil with a hint of chamomile. It is a super refreshing fragrance that totally uplifts my mood and provides a soothing effect to the nose. I love the fragrance of basil, so it is perfect to me, but it can be a bit too strong for a sensitive nose.

Vega Refreshing Wet Wipes Basil and Chamomile Packaging Open

These wipes are made of viscose fibre and feel quite soft and gentle on the skin. The size of the wipe is also good as it can cover my entire face. This material is neither too thick nor too thin, so it feels good on the skin. These wipes are well saturated, hence they do not dry out quickly. So I can take my time to clean my entire face.

Vega Refreshing Wet Wipe

Now coming to its cleansing part, yes it works decently. It can effectively clear out the dirt and impurities from the skin and provide a great relief to it. It can take off excess oil without making skin dry. It provides a nice amount of hydration to the skin, making it soft and smooth. It is decent as a normal facial cleansing wipe and provides a matte effect to the skin. It leaves a non-sticky, smooth texture as well.

But, it is not superb at removing makeup from the face. It works very slowly and takes some time to clean the skin. It can nicely wipe off my base makeup, like foundation, blush or highlighter. It is effective on normal creamy or matte lipsticks also since those are not waterproof. But it takes time and effort for waterproof makeup. It takes time even to clean water-resistant makeup like eyeliner, kohl etc.

Vega Refreshing Wet Wipes Basil and Chamomile in Hand

I need to rub the wipe on my skin multiple times to remove my waterproof makeup. These wipes can’t remove waterproof mascaras, but then I don’t think any wipe can easily remove waterproof mascara. It also can’t remove liquid matte lipsticks since they are water proof too. So for those makeup products, I need to rub a lot, but these wipes are not super gentle.

Excessive rubbing might make skin red, so I always avoid that. The product is effective as a normal face cleansing wipe. It never makes my skin stretchy or dry either. It provides a nice, healthy and refreshing touch to the skin. This is a good option if you stay out or travel a lot. These wipes are good for all skin types. They suit my sensitive skin as well and never broke me out.

Vega Refreshing Wet Wipes Basil and Chamomile Demo

Overall, it is an average product that works on normal base makeup and slightly on kohl or kajal. But it takes time to remove water-resistant or waterproof makeup. Yet, it is pretty refreshing product as it provides instant relief to the skin on hot days.

Pros of Vega Refreshing Wet Wipes Basil and Chamomile:

• Pretty packaging.
• Affordable.
• Refreshing smell of basil and chamomile.
• Soothing.
• Soft wipes.
• Wipes won’t dry out quickly.
• Effectively clean dirt and impurities.
• Clear off excess oil and provide a matte finish.
• Provide a decent amount of hydration to the skin.
• Good enough for all skin types.
• Can remove base makeup.
• Can clean non-waterproof makeup.

Cons of Vega Refreshing Wet Wipes Basil and Chamomile:

• Just one size available.
• Fragrance can be a bit strong for the sensitive noses.
• Can’t remove waterproof mascaras and liquid lipsticks.
• Removal of kajal and liner requires effort.
• Not the best makeup removal wipes around.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Vega Refreshing Wet Wipes Basil and Chamomile?
If you’re looking for basic facial cleansing wipes, you may try these out. I will not repurchase it because my Kara wipes work better and are gentler on the skin as well.

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