Vega Set of 5 Brushes Travel Kit Review

Vega Set of 5 Brushes (Travel Kit)

I recently did a huge online shopping haul and plus there a few amazing products which I have been using for quite some time and want to share my views on it with you all. So you will see quite a lot of reviews from me in the next few weeks 🙂 So here we go with the first one from the lot. This one is a set of 5 makeup brushes from Vega. This one was labeled as a Travel Kit brush set and plus it was very economical so I clicked on ‘Add to cart’ (what would we all do without these e-shopping sites *hihi* )

Vega Set of 5 Brushes Travel Kit


Rs. 250 for a set of 5 brushes.

About Vega Set of 5 brushes

As the name mentioned, there are 5 brushes in this kit. On each of the brushes they have mentioned what it is to be used for. I think it’s unfair to give a final rating to the entire kit in one go. So I decided to give individual rating for each brush in the kit and took an average for rating in the end 😀 . Let’s now go through each brush in the kit:

Vega Set of 5 Brushes Travel Kit 3

Vega Set of 5 Brushes Travel Kit 2

Blush Brush

This is the first one I had reached to check out when I opened the pack. The bristles are super soft, super flexible, super fluffy, densely packed. Frankly I wasn’t expecting such a good quality brush in a kit of this price. I love how the brush is contoured. This can easily pass off for a slightly higher end blush brush. I just love using this one.

Rating : 4/5

Vega Set of 5 brushes travel kit (4)

Eye Applicator (shouldn’t they call it Eyeshadow Applicator?)

Though I don’t see myself using this one often, the sponge tip is of decent quality, not like the flimsy sponge tip applicators that usually come packaged with most eye shadows. It can be cleaned well and doesn’t look damaged or out of shape after cleaning.

Rating : 3.5/5

Vega Set of 5 brushes travel kit (5)

Eyeshadow brush

Though the contour of the brush bristles is nice, the bristles have a plastic-like feel to it which I don’t like on my eyes. The bristles when pressed don’t bend easily – there are quite rigid. Also, I see the bristles separating from the brush already even though I haven’t really used it. I don’t see myself using this brush ever.

Rating: 2/5

Vega Set of 5 brushes travel kit (6)

Lip filler

Again, just like the (so called) eyeshadow brush, the bristles on this one have a plastic-like, rigid feel, which don’t bend when pressed. I don’t see myself using this one either.

Rating: 2/5

Vega Set of 5 brushes travel kit (7)

Now, last but not the least..

Eye Groomer

This one is the worst in this set. The Lash and Brow groomer are back to back as usual. The bristles of the brow groomer feel very rough like those of the cheapest hair dye brushes available in the market. Need I say more? I don’t even like to look at this one.


Vega Set of 5 brushes travel kit (8)

Moreover, the bristles are held to the plastic handle with a thin metal like sheet. As soon as I held the eye groomer, the brush came off the metal thingy. I did not bother returning it or even trying to fix it since I really don’t think its worth it.

Pros of Vega Set of 5 Brushes Travel Kit

– Very good blush brush
– Good eye applicator

Cons of Vega Set of 5 Brushes Travel Kit

– The bristles of eye shadow brush and lip filler have a very rigid, plastic like feel which is a big turn off
– Except blush brush and eye applicator the brushes have quite a crude finish to it

IMBB Rating: 2.5/5 – I just took an average for the scores!

Final Verdict:

You can easily skip this one as a set, since only the blush brush and eye applicator are usable. Though the blush brush steals the show, no point in buying the whole kit for just one brush, I am sure you can get good or even better blush brush for this price.

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  1. You know when i saw the price and the brushes i was like omg i am getting it *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* par jab rating dekha toh all of the excitement came down *headbang* *headbang* will look forward to the other brushes *haan ji*

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