Vegetable Weight Loss Diet

Everyone today is obsessed with weight loss. And why not? Weight gain is associated with a number of unhealthy practices and these lead to further health complications. Vegetables not only keep you full but also reduces the fat content in your body. At the same time, vegetables contain essential fatty acids which when gets inside your body is consumed while performing activities and thus, help in full utilization. Below given is the complete vegetable weight loss diet. Have a look at the diet!

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Beetroot Juice

Let’s start the day by eating light. You can consume your favorite vegetable juice. Juice will provide the water content in your body and also make you full and energized at the same time. You can consume some green vegetable juice like kale or spinach. This will flush out the toxins from your body. Alternatively, you can also consume beetroot juice some other day.


This is the time when you can feel a bit of hunger issues. So, the best is to have some light vegetable at this time. You can have sliced tomato if you like with a brush of butter at the top of it. You can also have some sliced spring onions. This will be the perfect crunch to your day and will add some extra dose of energy to your afternoon.


Vegetable soup

And finally, comes the lunch time when you can eat whichever vegetable you want. Have some fuller vegetables which will keep you full for a long time. You can consume vegetables like sliced potatoes or cauliflower. You can consume them in the raw form or you can also consume it as a vegetable soup.

Late Noon Lunch:

By this time, you can feel a bit of hunger. Thus, why don’t you start with a bit of crunch here? Have one carrot and consume it directly. You can add some pinches of salt or black salt and then enjoy the carrot. This will be the perfect addition to your glowing skin and healthy appetite too.

Evening Snacks:

This is the time when you can indulge in some unhealthy diet but you should remember that you should not go overboard. Restrict yourself to unhealthy diet or any of your cravings but only in a limited portion. This will keep your cravings in check and also will motivate you to stick to your vegetable diet every day.


Various leafy vegetables

And finally, it’s dinner time. For dinner, you need to consume vegetables of your choice. You can consume only 1 vegetable or you can mix and match with 2-3 vegetables and eat all of them in small portions. Here, I am listing down some of the vegetables like – cauliflower, celery, green leaves and likewise.

Hope this vegetable diet addresses all your diet concerns. Let us know in the comments down below if you want to add anything more.

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