Vegetarian Diet Chart for Weight Loss

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I’m back with another post! Today, we would be talking about vegetarian diet chart for weight loss. Each and every person is conscious about their weight and hence they keep trying several methods to lose fat quickly. With different types of diets and weight loss methods available nowadays, you need to decide the best one according to your goals. A vegetarian diet is one among the most common diets every dietician will recommend. Vegetables are rich in fibres, proteins, nutrients and minerals which can help you to keep your body weight in balance and cut off the excess fat from the body easily.

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A vegetarian diet is especially for those who are vegetarian or want to avoid consuming meat or fish while dieting. So, here we mention everything about vegetarian diet chart for weight loss. Incorporating the right fruits in daily routine will surely help you in many ways.

What is a vegetarian diet?

Fresh green salad with avocado and corn,top view

A vegetarian diet is one among the common types of diets which can help to lose weight easily. It includes consuming fresh vegetables which are high in nutrients and proteins. A vegetarian diet is generally preferred by everyone as vegetables are easily digested and it also helps in metabolism. All the vegetarian diets concentrate mainly on the plant-based foods.

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What is included in a vegetarian diet?

A vegetarian diet includes different types of veggies, nuts, fruits and many other things. It does not include meat, eggs or fish in any form. Vegetables are low in calorie and also, they are easy to be digested. It is one among the best types of weight loss diets. Check out different food products that are included in vegetarian diet

Various leafy vegetables

All green leafy veggies:
Every one of us is aware of the fact that green leafy vegetables are rich in nutrients and proteins. Green leafy vegetables also contain a high amount of antioxidants and phytonutrients which play a major role in cutting down the excess fat in the body. You should include more broccoli, parsley, cabbage, kale, etc.

A vegetarian diet also includes consumption of fruits. Fruits are low in calories and high in minerals and vitamins which can help to improve the metabolism in the body. It also maintains the level of cholesterol thus, helping in losing weight easily. You should consume fruits like orange, papaya, and apple which are high in water content.

Nuts' mixture

Nuts and seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and proteins which can help in losing weight. They can help to lower the cholesterol and also strengthen the bones. They are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids and high in calories.

Soya products:
Another main component which plays a major role in a vegetarian diet is soy products. Soy and bean products contain a high amount of nutrients and proteins which help to keep your stomach filled thus, eliminating the risk of overeating. You should include tofu, black beans, baked beans, lentils, etc. in your daily diet.

More of cereals and grains:
Grains and cereals contain a high amount of zinc and iron which is extremely important for the smooth functioning of the body. It helps in balancing the hunger pangs and also provide sufficient nutrient in the diet. Grains and cereals are rich in carbohydrates which help in losing weight easily.

Benefits of a vegetarian diet:

– Helps in losing weight
– Lowers the cholesterol in a person
– Helps to reduce hypertension and blood pressure
– It is safe and easy to be followed by anyone

How to follow diet?

Hot tea with ginger honey and lemon

Start your day with one glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey. This will help to flush out the toxins from the body and also aid in losing weight.

Consume one bowl of sprouted beans or fruit salad in your breakfast. You can also have some fresh fruit juice along with idlis. Drinking one glass of skimmed milk is another great option.

You can have chappati with dal in your lunch. You can also have some green leafy vegetables with chappati. The unsweetened curd is another good option which you can include in your lunch to increase metabolism.

Evening snack:
You can drink one cup of black tea or green tea in between the breaks. You can also have a handful of nuts or soaked almonds in the evening.

Vegetable soup

You can have one bowl of soup of your choice. Have brown rice or white rice without starch. You can also include one bowl of curd or boiled vegetables with seasoning in your dinner for weight loss.

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