Vellvette Box February 2013 Edition

Vellvette Box February 2013 Edition

We all know the thrill of shopping and especially when it is online, we just cant wait to open up our goody box. Something similar happened to me today when I received my Vellvette box for February, I am overwhelmed to share my thoughts with our readers, on behalf of IMBB πŸ™‚ I received it in the nick of time.

February Vellvette Box

My first thoughts were definitely fantastic about this one, this is buzz word around but you would know how happy you get only when you receive your own copy of the box. πŸ™‚ I received three product inside, all of which I absolutely love, two are essentials and one is a gorgeous blush, it seems like it is handpicked for me, but I think the products are very thoughtfully picked up for us, these would suit and be very useful for most of us.

February Vellvette Box(8)

Take a look about what Vellvette – The Company is:

With a Vellvette Box subscription, you will step into a world of unending surprises. Every month we send you 3 deluxe beauty and grooming samples that are specially chosen for you by our beauty experts, plus expert tips-n-tricks that will help you get the most out of every product. Try them at the comfort of your home. Discover what works for you. Once you know what you like, get juicy discounts when you buy the full-size versions of your favorites at our online store.

The subscriptions vary from 1-month to a heavily discounted annual package. Simply add any one of them to your cart and proceed to make the payment. You can now leave the guesswork out of your beauty regime and make the most out of every beauty investment!

First thoughts:

When I received the Vellvette Box, I was very impressed with how thoughtfully the things come to you. They are not just thrown into the box, they come to you tied with a cute ribbon,(mine was red ), they are wrapped in a pink sheet, you have a personalized card reading out what they are all about, you have detailed cards about each of the product and also fabulous offers on full size purchase of the product, don’t we just love offers?

The way the box is delivered to you says a lot about the company, I like this personal touch to the products.I received a cute magnet for it is the month of love! very thoughtful indeed!

February Vellvette Box(3)

The products:

Lancome Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid for face and eyes: 15ml (first Lancome skin care for me)
Figs & Rouge 100 % organic aloe and mint balm: 17ml (my first organic stuff I guess)
Purely pro cosmetics blush: 3.7 gms (not sure of what the shade is called but it is gorgeous!)

February Vellvette Box(5)

Obviously I could not wait to open the products when I got them,all the products were sealed (the ones which could be) the blush was the most pretty pink and was literally calling out to me, the balm, in fact the only lips, body, face and hand balm I have, most of us have lip balms but this one is a unique one.Then you have an essential cleanser from Lancome, my first Lancome skin care product in fact , what better way to test how it works for us, if it wasn’t for my Vellvette box.

February Vellvette Box(9)

Honestly, the balm and the blush are huge enough for me, I mean, if I use the balm for another 2 months for my lips, I wont need a lip balm. The blush I would say would last me ages, considering how pigmented and smooth it is, the blush is the size of may be half of what we get with Colorbar, this is where you feel the Rs.399 you invest in your Vellvette box is value for money.

The Lancome product that I got is Gentle Face and eyes cleansing fluid, the sample was full, unlike most samples you would get around, which aren’t even full πŸ˜› It is perfect for travel and for trial so that you could get your own full sized copy of the product. In fact I am carrying it to Pondicherry for the weekend.

February Vellvette Box(14)

February Vellvette Box(2)

The balm is absolutely awesome, you could use it for rough spots, cuticles, lips, elbows and hands, and I intend to use it for my lips and cuticles, it is very minty ( in a good way) has a tingle to it and I am already loving it in a day.

February Vellvette Box(10)

February Vellvette Box(11)

The blush is a peachy pink with slight shimmer to it, it is a great color for office, day wear and the shade they have picked up is going to be suited to many of us, very thoughtful. The pigmentation is awesome, overall, all your products are top quality.

February Vellvette Box(12)

February Vellvette Box(13)

Let me talk about the size roughly, the balm and blush are big enough like your regular balms and blushes, the Lancome bottle is as tall as your regular lipstick, if that helps.

My take:

Love the fact that you get to try new brands, luxury brands, two of the brands I had never known about, but still they were so fantastic.This box is a great way to start your collection, try new brands that you would possible want to get more of in the future, and I am assured that all my products will be top quality, considering what I got in this box.

Couple of the products are big enough for most of us,the Lancome one is tiny but a great way to test how it goes for my face and eyes. Moreover, I could always get a discount on full size purchase like this:

February Vellvette Box(4)

There are a whole lot of products available and all my favorite brands are listed in there (The Body Shop, Bath and Body Works, Benefit, Elizabeth Arden, Forest Essentials, Clinique, Lush, Clarins, OPI, Lancome, Lush, NYX, Max Factor, L’Occitane, etc.)

When we like a product sample, we dont need to look for it around, we could shop it from the site itself.

The element of surprise!! Now this is what I shop online for, Vellvette box is all about the thrill with the assurance that my products will be top of the line, yet I cannot wait to get some more, in fact for shopaholics like us, the annual subscription of INR 3999 (prepaid) is really nothing but an investment, considering you know you would get stuff suited to your skin types, choice, makeup sense, we spend more than that in a month over futile things online which we do not even need, don’t we,so I have decided where my 3999 (prepaid)is going to be invested for the coming whole year!

Why I highly recommend we subscribe to The Vellvette box:

  • Value for money, there is no way other than this, you could get 3 fantastic products to try out, in as little as 399! we all deserve the pampering and even less in a yearly subscription.
  • The surprise element! This is what I would be subscribing to the Vellvette box for, I love to shop and when their is the thrill factor involved about what I would be getting in my box next, no one could stop me from spending on it.
  • Trial, a great way to try out stuff before spending money on a full size item,this is our chance to try new top quality brands (Figs and rouge and purely pro really took me by surprise, considering I had never heard of them.
  • High end products, we would never otherwise buy or try, this makes it available for all of us, it cant get better that I am trying Lancome now with the box.

February Vellvette Box(6)


  • I would like to know how it will be customized for me, I would not always like to recieve the same products that everyone around has got, since I have filled in my details on the site, I would love to get products for my skin type, age, makeup taste and the like.for example, I love lipsticks, so what are chances of me getting a lipstick with my next box? πŸ˜›
  • May be we could get an even better box with it, πŸ˜› just a thought. Of course I am going to use it like all of us to keep my knick-knacks.
  • If some products are too tiny it could be a put off πŸ™‚
  • We are putting in our trust on the quality and the date of manufacture when it comes to the products, hoping it will the best always.:)

Last word:

I will be taking up the annual prepaid subscription for INR 3999, I know my money will be wisely spent on some great products. Not to forget the thrill factor and the new brands factor is really too good to miss. We all deserve the Vellvette box, I know we have heard it all around us, but you would know the joy when you get your own copy. For Rupees 399, I am more than impressed, I know my beauty is on auto-pilot πŸ™‚

If youΒ haven’tΒ got yours, get it now! πŸ™‚

The Vellvette Box February Edition was sent to me for review purpose on behalf of IMBB,however, the thoughts and opinions expressed are honest like always.


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90 thoughts on “Vellvette Box February 2013 Edition

  1. Please help… have a few queries…. Can we have a preference in products… meaning I don;t want blush / eye shadow… is it possible… also can we get skin specific ( oily / combination / dry) products…… do we have to mention on skin shade… all colours may not be duit everybody… especially south indian yellow skin tone….

    1. Hello Dee, i dont think they give any kind of preference for makeup product or personal care product. though when you will place your first order you need to fill a little questionnaire in which questions are related to your skin type, hair types. be accurate in mentioning that as your box will entirely depend on that. e.g. i have normal to dry skin i got Ofra Vit C cream which is suitable for my skin kind, while my friend who has got oily skin received the Ofra cleanser. even the makeup product is also suitable for your complexion though i dont remember exactly but i think they also put questions related to your complexion. as i got blush in strawberry shade (i am wheatish in complexion) and its really look good on me. i guess they have given three shade of blushes- Strawberry, universal and cheeky.

      Hope this will help πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Dee, you can mention your skin type and skin colour for makeup products. For example, they give you an option to choose a celebrity whose skin tone comes closer to you, that’s awesome. I was asked to fill in a questionnaire about what kind of products I like when I had registered with Velvette. You should register and fill out the form πŸ™‚

  2. i also loved my Feb box (i got it on 22nd Feb yippiii). i got blush in strawberry shade which is shimmery golden pink and it’s just woow.

    But i got Ofra Vit C cream instead of Lancome. Vellvette is really a great concept. i really love their box.

  3. Neha I also got the same products except Lancome, lucky you. I got Ofra Vitamin C cleanser so I won’t complain:)
    @Dee:: They send in questionnaire, in which you can fill in details. They send the products according to the details/skin tone you mention there.

  4. Ive been subscribing to this since their first box in September. It feels i get a gift every month πŸ˜€ over these months ive concluded that they have a set of products every month out of which they customize it acc to your questionnaire but in thr broader view the products r mostly same but so far my box has never disappointed me πŸ™‚
    ive Recommended this to 5 of my friends in all these months, no vellvette isnt paying me for this πŸ˜›
    This time i got the same balm(loveee <3) , blush in shade cheeky a gorgeous matte peachish pinky shade, n ofra makeup remover sample. Its such a paisa wasool box πŸ™‚
    N neha ur blush shade is "universal" its there on the card plus the back of thr blush dibbi πŸ˜›
    N do show us pics what u get next time too πŸ™‚

  5. Nice review neha….

    But i feel sad to say this…. i got my vellvette box too….and i got the figs&rouge balm and the same blush….and when i sent balm review,i was told that the team is covering it,which i understand and have no complains…… but for the purely pro blush, i was told that the review cannot be taken as the Vellvette box product reviews are currently on hold for everyone,,….. and now i see the same review up today…. πŸ™

      1. Hey Rati…

        Yeah i am aware of that…and hav nothng against nt complainig abt d balm review…bt i was jst told dat the Vellvette box prods r on hold for evryone wen i sent in the blush review…so i thot it wont b publishd for anyone… πŸ™ …

        Anyways… that’s ok..i hav no issues….

        1. Shagufta, I think we have mailed you about how we have kept it on hold for our writers, which means our team would be covering the products πŸ™‚ hope we are clear this time.

          1. Hi Shagufta
            Since we are covering the box, the products are also being covered by us,
            we have loads on email on reviews on the balm and the blush, we have to be equal for what we take reviews on from all our writers, all are very important to us, saying yes to you would have meant no to others so it is on hold πŸ™‚

            1. Yeah….i get that neha……..l was jst in d wrong impressn dat it was on hold coz thrz sum dilemma if d prods cud go on to imbb or nt…. d point….no issues….nthng mis undrstud….. πŸ™‚
              All good jomo n rati….. πŸ™‚

  6. im still waiting for my box!.. now im pretty sure im going to get these same products.. no surprise..:( but thats ok.. πŸ™‚

  7. The balm and blush are full size Neha…. I got them too.
    And I got a anti aging Vitamin C mosturizer from Ofra…. but your Lancome cleanser looks very good to me πŸ˜€

    1. Me too, got the same products.. I didnt like moisturizer that much… it says suitable for dry skin but it is very oily on application. what was ur experience?

      1. Hi Rashmi,
        I have combination to oily skin…. So after seening that product is for dry skin i was upset…
        but when i used it i quite like it… yes you should use very very small amount as the mosturizer is very rich… I used it under my tinted sunscren… and it was find.. yes after 5-6 hours skin felt more oily then other days πŸ˜€

        How did u like it?

    2. sweta then y does it mention the cost of full size product on the card? i think you could buy a full size for the price mentioned isnt it?

      1. Neha, on the first card which u must have got in your box where they wrote what all u got their its written these 2 are full size and yes full size price is just given for us to know what is the real price

  8. Really liked your box.I wanna get these kinda surprise pack every month instead of spending bucks in unnecessary stuffs during mall or street shopping.yayyyyyy.I gonna subscribe it sure.Thank you neha for a detailed review.

  9. Wow.. such a steal for few bucks.. πŸ™‚ I hope its available here also..:( drooling over lancome n high end brands.. :p

  10. I am waiting for mine.. I was so excited and in excitement.. I paid in advance and forgot to fill preference form. And it was so sweet of them that they send me an email reminding that I need to fill it…

  11. neha I am totally waiting for that balm review. Loved the packaging of it. :)) Lovely pictures and feeling pretty good seeing such lovely products in the box. πŸ™‚

  12. Nice review Neha.. I’m (excitedly) waiting for my box courtesy IMBB & Vellvette contest!
    btw, I think the blush and the balm are full-sized products and not sample size. Hence, it’s more than paisa-vasool investment this month.

  13. Aww.. another one.. its so tempting and truely a steal for few bucks.. πŸ™‚ I hope it delivers worldwide.. πŸ˜› need to browse velvette today.. πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

  14. I am eagerly waiting for my box. The courier person goofed up and I still didn’t receive it :'(
    The crew at is very friendly and helpful. They have assured me that I will surely receive my box.

  15. Wow.. for few bucks its totally a steal.. πŸ™‚ literally drooling over lancome and blush.. πŸ˜› this is such wonderful chance of getting high end pdts at one go.. wow.. πŸ™‚
    I wish they deliver worldwide.. πŸ™‚ Lets try my luck…

  16. I am thinking to place an order for myself as its cheap πŸ˜‰ to try something new.. But I am confused where to fill that form πŸ™ can I choose cash on payment option?

    1. LOL @Sanjeev’s comment, Why only men? they shud include one daru sample in our velvette boxes as well! πŸ˜›

      Rati – You will love the Figs & Rouge balm, it healed my chapped lips and dry cuticles overnight, right now I’m doubling it up as a lip/cuticle balm, You’re gonna totally love it! :):)

  17. i cnt get the registration page link. only sign in page. i couldnt register. and with the guest log in, i am not getting any kind of questions also .

        1. I guess they send the questionnaire link on your email id after you place an order with them. I also had the same issue and cald them immediately that’s when they told me it is sent along with order confirmation mail. Was so impatient, that I didn’t even check my mail before calling them:P

  18. I too got my box, blush and balm are same. I got aVitamin C mosturizer from Ofra…. I am very happy. i will be subscribing for march too..

  19. i too want it. i hv a silly query. wat if i make d online payment for the march velvete box but i do nt receive it bcz there are limited editions

  20. Divya – Thanx a lot for taking the time for the detailed explanation

    Jomol – Good idea… will try out….

    Neha – No eye shadow / blush, becoz of typical south indian (tamil) upbringing…
    Will u believe am the only lass who wears lipstick on a regular day (other than weddings) in my entire family (including both sides)…

  21. Yippee guys I have placed an order πŸ˜€ I will get it in my birthday week :)… So happy and fingers crossed to get my stuffs.. Will u know guys πŸ™‚

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