Velour Flare’y Tale 100% Real Silk Lashes Review

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Hope you all are doing well. Lately, I have been in an experiment mode with my makeup. I try colors I would usually not go for; I’ve been wearing a smokey eye at a stretch (Thanks to Urban Decay Naked Smokey) and try on everything from bold bright to nude lips. The only thing I have always been intimidated by are false lashes. I was always afraid of them looking too unnatural and the whole process of application seemed very difficult to me. But finally, I decided to take the plunge and bought my very first pair of false lashes from the very popular brand “Velour Lashes.”

Velour Flare'y Tale 100% Real Silk Lashes

Velour lashes just recently started selling at Sephora. Though these are not the same lashes that are being sold at their website, the difference being that the original Velour lashes are mink while the ones sold at Sephora are made from silk.  This review is on Velour lashes in the style “Flare-y Tale.”



Product Description:
A set of natural-looking and long-lasting, real silk lashes with added thickness and length for a flirty stare.

Velour Flare'y Tale 100% Real Silk Lashes

What it does: Get fluttery, fairy tale-worthy lashes with this must-have lash accessory. They are the perfect lash for the perfect flare—length with a bit of thickness. Made of soft silk, they are lightweight and comfortable, and their specially-developed cotton-thread band allows for easy and fast application.  Exclusive to Sephora, Velour Lashes feature a rare silk material that is a first to market. Each lash is 100 percent handmade with the softest silk material and a unique cotton thread band. They are reusable, providing an average of 20 applications.

How To Use:

  • Before applying Velour Brush On Eyelash Glue, measure and trim; always trim from the outer corners.
  • Remember: you want the length of the Velour Lashes to fall just short of the natural length of your eyes to prevent the lash from poking the inner corner of your eye.
  • Apply mascara to your natural lashes before applying Velour Lashes; do not apply mascara after you have applied the Velour Lashes.
  • Apply Velour Brush On Eyelash Glue to Velour Lashes.
  • Using the Velour Two Easy Lash Applicator, gently apply Velour Lashes on top of and as close to, your natural lash line.
  • Secure Velour Lashes by pushing them down towards your lash line.
  • After the glue has tried, feel free to apply eyeliner to fill in any gaps between your natural lash line and the Velour Lashes.
  • Use the other end of the Two Easy Lash Applicator to blend it all together.
  • You may curl the lashes like real human hair.

Velour Flare'y Tale 100% Real Silk Lashes

My Experience with Velour Flare’y Tale 100% Real Silk Lashes:

These lashes come in a plastic box. Eyelash glue is also provided with the lashes. The glue is quite good. It has a wand which you can use to brush on the glue which goes on white and dries clear. The glue does hold the lashes very securely the whole time that you wear them. The lash glue is a bit difficult to get off after you peel the lashes off.  The residue glue on your eyelid needs to be removed with a q tip and eye makeup remover.

These lashes are made up of 100% premium silk. They are very soft and silky and do not feel plastic. They do have a slight sheen to them which is a quality associated with the silk material, but it does not look unnatural. The band on these lashes is quite flexible and I got a hang of it, and found them easy to apply in two tries even though I have no prior experience with false lashes. The band is black hence it blends in well with the eyeliner. These lashes are very lightweight and you hardly notice them once they are on. The length of these lashes fit perfectly on my eye and I did not need to trim them.

Velour Flare'y Tale 100% Real Silk Lashes

I have these lashes in the style “Flare-y Tale.” This particular style is a little on the dramatic side hence I would only use these on special occasions. They are voluminous in the middle and the extra long lashes on the ends give an extra flutter to them. They are not super curly, but as per the claims, you can curl them with your eye lash curler. I personally really like how they look on my eye just the way they are.

False eyelashes

I do not put mascara nor would I recommend applying mascara on false lashes. It is easy to clean these lashes post use. I just use a q tip with some eye makeup remover and remove the residue glue and store them in the box they came in. You can reuse these lashes for up to 20 applications, but if you take good care of them, they might last you even longer, hence they are a good value for money.


I use the Velour Two Easy Lash Applicator glue to apply these lashes and I will review it soon 🙂 Overall, I really like these lashes, but if you are someone with small eyes, this style might not be a good choice for you as the extra long lashes on the ends will look very unnatural.  This particular style is perfect for special occasions. I will recommend these to you 🙂

Velour Flarey Tale

Pros of Velour Flare’y Tale 100% Real Silk Lashes:

  • Dramatic, voluminous and fluttery.
  • Premium silk material.
  • Reusable for up to 20 times.
  • Glue is provided, it goes on white and dries clear.
  • Flexible band.

Cons of Velour Flare’y Tale 100% Real Silk Lashes:

  • This particular style may not be suitable for every day wear except if you don’t mind that drama.
  • Expensive.

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    1. The price is $23. I don’t think they are available in India just yet. For now they are sold only at sephora. I have access to them coz I live in the U.S.

    1. True.. On the contrary I think Velour lashes are very popular among Beauty bloggers and clovers or Amongst those I’ve seen

  1. Believe me, I don’t mind the drama it is creating and would love to rock such lashes everyday! 😀 It’s looking gorgeous on you, and the quality seems amazing.

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