Velour Silk Lashes Two Easy Lash Applicator Review

Hello Everyone.
Recently, ever since I used the New Velour 100% Silk Lashes (review here) from Sephora, I’ve been loving using lashes. I love how they just open up your eyes, make them look bigger and prettier. Though I am still fairly amateur in the skill of applying lashes I do feel that this tool made my lash application super easy and made me get a hang of it in only a couple of tries.


About The product:
A dual-ended applicator and lash comb for applying faux lashes with precision and ease.

What it does:
This double-ended false lash applicator allows for easy lash application and includes a lash comb on the other end to help you blend it all together. The lash applicator is designed to provide a strong grip.

This set contains:
– Two Easy Lash Applicator
– Lash Comb
Price: $20


My Experience with Velour Silk Lashes Two Easy Lash Applicator:-

Packaging: Comes in a simple plastic box. Nothing fancy here.
Usage: This applicator is designed especially to be used to apply false lashes. Some may argue that you could even use a tweezer to do the same and I agree with that but I did find this tool to be incredibly useful in making lash application super-duper easy.


This tool has a bent shaped tweezer on one end and a lash comb on the other. The handle is smooth, sturdy and not too heavy. It sits very comfortably in the hand.
The way to apply lashes is, I apply lash glue on the lash band, let it get tacky for 30 seconds and place the mid part on my lashes with my fingertips. Then I use the applicator to help stick the ends on both sides. The fairly tapered thin end helps do that effortlessly. I even press both my natural and false lash together with the applicator and that blends them together. After that I comb the lashes with the other end and that helps them blend them further together and removes any clumps.
You can even use the lash comb to comb your brows and help get rid of mascara clumps.
I also sanitize the tool with an alcohol swipe after every use. This helps prevent eye infection.
Overall, yes this a fantastic tool for beginners and those who use lashes often to help simplify the process. Granted it is super expensive at $20 when a $3-$5 tweezer could do the same. But from the functionality and performance stand point I do really like this hence I will recommend this.


Pros of Velour Silk Lashes Two Easy Lash Applicator:-

• Makes false lash application process super easy.
• Easy to use.
• Both ends are useful and functional.
• The lash comb can also be used to comb brows and remove mascara clumps.
• Smooth finish.
• The tool is not very heavy and sits comfortably in hand.

Cons of Velour Silk Lashes Two Easy Lash Applicator:-

• Expensive


IMBB Rating 4.5/5

Would I Recommend Velour Silk Lashes Two Easy Lash Applicator?

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