Vera Mona Color Switch Solo Review

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Whenever you do eye makeup of any sort, all people seem to notice how amazing it looks, but rarely do people see what happens behind the scenes. The whole mess on the vanity, dozens of dirty brushes and a set of breakdown because you couldn’t get your eyeliner even :P. Whenever there is something in the market which promises to make that process a little easier, I usually get my hands on it and see if it does indeed make life easier 😛 Today’s review will be on one such product – it’s the Vera Mona Color Switch Solo.

Vera Mona Color Switch Solo

Product Description:
Stroke your brush against the Solo sponge to completely remove eye shadow color and then switch to the next color without any product transfer. The Color Switch sponge can be used on either side and can be washed for reuse or replaced with a refill pack.

Vera Mona Color Switch Solo


Vera Mona Color Switch Solo

My Experience with Vera Mona Color Switch Solo:

Packaging:  Basically, this product comes in a tin can with a sponge fixed inside.  The sponge is removable and you can purchase refills of it. The can with a lid makes this product travel friendly and also protects it from collecting dust.

Vera Mona Color Switch Solo

Results:  Basically, this product claims to help you simplify your makeup routine.  Let’s say if you do not have a tonne of makeup brushes and want to create an eye makeup which incorporates many different shadows, and if you were to dip your makeup brush from one color directly to another that would create a muddled mess on your eye. It is important that you change your brush or at least clean it of the existing color before dipping into another. Till now, I was using my Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner to do this spot cleaning on my brush during the eye makeup application, but with that, I did have to wait for a few seconds for the brush to dry.

With this product, you simply have to swirl the brush in the sponge for a few times and it gets rid of all the eye shadow powder on the brush and gets it ready for dipping into the next color. I must say that this product does everything it claims to do.

Vera Mona Color Switch Solo

I used this product when I was attempting a dark smokey eye with my Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette. Even though the shadows were super pigmented and had saturated my brush with pigment color, a few swirls in the sponge cleaned it thoroughly.  I saw absolutely no residue powder on my brush. I basically did my smokey eye with just 3 brushes compared to earlier when I had to use no less than 5 brushes.

In the attached picture, I have used a white bristled brush with some grey eyeshadow on it. You can see how in the after pic, the eye brush is basically clean. The brown color is actually some staining on the bristles from past usage. There is no powder on the brush.

Vera Mona Color Switch Solo

You don’t need to use this product with just eye brushes. You can do this for any brush you use with powder makeup (not liquid), but if you do use it with bigger brushes, you may need to wash it often as with bigger brushes, there is more residue.

You can wash and reuse the removable sponge when it gets saturated with pigment. There is no mention as to when you should replace the sponge.

Overall, yes this is a must-have product in every makeup lover’s vanity. I see this product being especially useful for makeup artists or even those of us who love to create elaborate eye makeup for fun.  I highly recommend this.

Pros of Vera Mona Color Switch Solo:

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to store.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Sponge can be washed and can also be refilled.
  • Removes all residue makeup powder from brushes.
  • Simplifies makeup routine.

Cons of Vera Mona Color Switch Solo:

  • Availability can be an issue. I purchased this online.

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  1. This is such an ingenious product! Would not only help keep our brushes clean and hygienic but makes life so much easier too! Awesome review 🙂

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