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I received a sample of Verb conditioner and shampoo in my Sephora Play beauty box in April. I was impressed by the performance of this hair care duo and decided to buy full-sized bottles of both. This is the first time that I have bought a full-sized product of a sample that I received for trial. Samples are usually not enough to decide the full performance of a product, but in this case I was impressed by this conditioner after using it for one hair wash and ordered it from Sephora.

Verb Hydrating Conditioner full

Product Description:
A hydrating conditioner that repairs damage for touchably-soft hair. Give hair the color-safe hydration it needs with this everyday Verb Hydrating Conditioner. Formulated to wash away clean, it delivers intense moisture and natural shine to hair.
$8 for 2.3 oz.

My Experience with Verb Hydrating Conditioner:

The product comes in a white, translucent bottle with a flip dispenser on top. This 33.8 oz bottle has a pump on top, but the other two smaller sizes have the squeeze kind of a dispenser. The bottle is easy to store in shower caddy and is also travel friendly.

Verb Hydrating Conditioner bottle

I shampoo my hair after hot oil treatment. I usually let the oil sit overnight and then shampoo the next day. I start with my scalp and then work my way down. I take a small amount of shampoo and create a lather to wash my scalp and then work the lather down to my hair ends. I do this process twice and no more to avoid stripping my hair of all the oil. I use a coat button size amount of shampoo twice to rinse my hair and follow it with the conditioner from the same brand. I again use a coat button size amount of conditioner to cover my hair. I leave it in for 3-5 minutes and then thoroughly rinse it off of my hair.

Verb Hydrating Conditioner packaging

It claims to be free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. This product is cruelty-free and does not contain gluten. It is light to the touch and completely layer-able. It contains Pro-Vitamin B5: Moisturizes and smoothes dry hair.

Verb Hydrating Conditioner open

It is also safe for chemically-treated and colored hair. It claims to have a color-safe formula which leaves hair touchably soft, refreshed, and protected. I do not have colored or treated hair. so I cannot comment in this regard, but I am sure it is gentle for hair. This shampoo also has a very subtle pleasant fragrance which lingers in hair for couple of days. It also preps hair for heat treatment or styling and visibly reduces hair frizz. It leaves hair smooth and tames frizz to an appreciable extent.

Pros of Verb Hydrating Conditioner:

  • For $8, I got a decent amount of conditioner that will last for a while.
  • It is paraben, gluten and sulphate free.
  • Leaves hair smooth, soft, and tames frizz to an appreciable extent.
  • Very pleasant fragrance which lasts for a couple of days.
  • Can be bought in Sephora or its online retail stores.
  • Safe for chemically-treated hair and protects hair color.

Cons of Verb Hydrating Conditioner:

  • Can be a little expensive for some of us. It is definitely more expensive for me and I have to be very judicious while using this conditioner.
  • Does not contain sulphate compounds but still does contain some complex-sounding chemicals.

I was impressed by this conditioner in the first trial itself and that is why I decided to invest in a decent-sized bottle. Those among us who suffer from frizzy hair and find them hard to tame should benefit from this shampoo-conditioner duo and will surely enjoy it.

IMBB Rating:

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