VI John Hair Removal Cream – Lime

VI John Hair Removal Cream – Lime

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With the above best wishes, today, I am going to review a hair removing product namely VI John Hair Removal Cream -Lime. The product was available in the market for years now, but it grabbed the attention when Bollywood’s dusky beauty Bipasha endorsed it. The highlight of the commercial is “I am safe with VI John.” From the promotion’s point, the product is suitable to use on arms, legs as well as underarms without general issues of using them on these areas.

vi John Hair removal cream


Rs. 22.00 for 40 grams.

Shelf Life:

2 years.


Hair removal cream and one spatula.


Potassium Thioglycolate, Calcium Hydroxide, Thioglycollic Acid, Aqua, Titanium Dioxide, Aloe Vera, Lime Extract
For external use only

Directions for Use:

• Apply VI John Hair Removal Cream onto the skin with spatula, spread the cream evenly to fully cover the hair.
• Wait for 5-10 mins, timed carefully, then gently use the head of spatula to test small area.
• If hair comes away easily, remove rest of the cream with spatula or wait for 2-3 min more.
• Rinse your skin thoroughly with water after us. Pat dry gently.


• Follow the directions for use.
• If you’re using this product for first time, or on a new body part, always test your skin reaction by applying to a 5 cm2 of skin inner elbow, following the directions for use. If after 24 hours there is no adverse reaction, continue to use. If you experience any smarting or tingling feeling during the use, remove the cram & immediately rinse with water. If sensation persists seek medical advice.
• Do not use immediately after hot bath/ shower
• Keep the product away from children or people who’re unable to read or understand written instructions
• Designed for legs, underarms & bikini line, not on the face, scalp, breast, perianal or genital areas or any other body part
• After use, wait 24 hours before applying any anti-perspirant, a perfume product, swimming or sun bathing
• Always give a gap of 72 hours between two applications
• Avoid contact with eyes.

hair removal

My Take on VI John Hair Removal Cream:

I purchased this product around some 7-8 months ago for my underarms only, after watching Bips endorsing it for quite a few months. The product is available in many variants and easily available at medical and small cosmetic shops in my area. The product does not have any leaflet inside. Everything is mentioned on the box container only. I used the product on my underarms for 3-4 times. Make sure you completely cover all hair to be removed, else you need to apply it once again.

The product on me never worked in 10 minutes. In fact, I need to wait for 15 minutes for satisfactory hair removal from my underarms. Then also, the hair doesn’t come off with spatula, which is nothing but a rectangular plastic and cannot do proper spreading. So, I use the spatula of my older hair remover cream, Anne French, which works comparatively fine.


Removal of hair is a mess in this. I need clean cotton to remove the cream, but most of the hair doesn’t come out with that cotton. Instead, I need to pull them a bit using soft cotton cloth, which is an absolute turn off :waiting:, although it doesn’t hurt, but it does make my underarms darker after regularly using it for 3 to 4 times.


While using on hands, the hair comes off pretty easily in a single time, but time is again 15 minutes and a little yet forced rubbing is required. It turns the area a bit darker, but in a few days with regular homemade packs and sunscreen lotions, the complexion improves.


:yes: Decently priced.
:yes: Lemon fragrance.
:yes: Formula is creamy and moisturizing, doesn’t dry out skin.


:no: Spatula is of no use.
:no: Need to wait for more time than what it claims.
:no: Hair needs to be rubbed/pulled out with a little force, although, it doesn’t hurt, yet causes a lot of mess :spank:
:no: Makes skin darker especially underarms become visibly darker when used regularly, even with  gaps of 2-3 months.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Re-purchase?

NO, it takes too long and waiting time is strictly mentioned to be within 10 minutes (+ 2 or 3 minutes), not more than this. Using some cloth to pull away is messy and it causes underarm darkness. Now, I think Bips only promoted the product because the brand had the name JOHN :love: in it and she was in love with him before breaking up.

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7 thoughts on “VI John Hair Removal Cream – Lime

  1. Somehow, I can never get myself to use hair removal creams. 😐 There’s a part of me always screaming that I must be bat crazy to use a product which basically makes my hair come off as if its roots have been melted. I always get scared of the implications on my skin. :tremble: For underarms, I find waxing more convenient. Painful, yes, but then, it lasts longer and doesn’t cause too much darkening. :silly:

  2. Yeah jabberwocky I am totally with you on this. i find hair removal creams a pain to use. So time consuming and especially underarms get darker over a period of time. :(( I was somehow never convinced abt this VI John cream. bips always had gorgeous legs. 😛

  3. all such hair removing creams darken skin… Never use it :nababana: .. waxing is better.. Painful but no side effects atleast..!! may b bips really did it for john hahaa…

  4. I can use hair remove cream……… :headbang: : :headbang: stars: :stars: Bips only promoted the product because the brand had the name JOHN :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  5. i can do waxing of my arms by myself… but for underarms :chewnails :chewnails :chewnails: can v do it at home using veet wax strips available at markets???

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