Victoria Jackson Shimmer Powder Brush in Bronze Review

Victoria Jackson Shimmer Powder Brush in Bronze

Hello everyone. Today I am about to review a product which my friend brought for me from USA. It is not available in India but can be bought from Amazon. I am so lucky to have such friends who bring me beautiful things, it is available in two shades bronze and baby pink. Bronze was handed over to me while baby pink was kept by her.


Product description:

It comes in a black encasing with brush on one side and shimmer on the other side. The brush is soft in nature which also has a plastic cover around it. You need to revolve and push it down to see the complete length of the brush. The unique feature of the brush is that it is a dispenser in itself. You just need to blush it on your cheeks to get the shimmer. If you look at the brush, you may feel that there is nothing coming out. But once you sweep it gently on to the skin, you would notice the shimmer particles.

Quantity: 2.3g

Price: 10$

Directions of use: Open the cap on the brush side; lower the plastic brush protector, and hold upright. Now brush it against your cheeks.


My take on Victoria Jackson Shimmer Powder Brush in Bronze:

I was very happy to own such a cute little thing which added sparkle to my cheeks and made my skin glowing. The shimmer is glittery bronze in colour or you can say golden brown in shade. As soon as you remove the plastic cover from the brush, you can see the tiny shimmer particles on it. When applied on to the skin, it gives you optimum amount of sparkle without making you look crazy. In fact you would love to see your cheeks with that beautiful, subtle glitter. If you want to apply the glitter on to the others parts of the body, you can open the cap on the shimmer side and using your finger, you can swipe over the required body part. Not only this, but I also used it to add shimmer on to my eyelids. It worked well without causing any problem. So this multipurpose stick is just awesome. You may use it anywhere without any problem.


It can be carried in your purse without any hassle, it is very handy. The best part is that it can be used both during day and night. You may use it when you step out in sun light or you may use it to give a glamorous look during the night. It is actually multi functional. How? You can use it as per your needs, like on the collar bone, arms, and shoulders. But you need to keep one thing in mind, do not use it with a hard hand. Be gentle. Why am I saying this? Because it will leave too much shimmer, you can say more than the required amount which would look weird. All in all, the product is fun to use and is not at all messy.


Pros of Victoria Jackson Shimmer Powder Brush in Bronze:

• The brush is very soft to use
• Shimmer is optimum
• Can be used easily
• Travel friendly
• Shimmer particles very tiny
• There are no chances of any scar or rough finish
• Will suit every skin tone


Cons of Victoria Jackson Shimmer Powder Brush in Bronze:

• Packing is not sturdy enough and I guess it will break on fall
• Availability is an issue

Would I recommend its use to others?

Yes I will. It is a must have product which you would love to use regularly.

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7 thoughts on “Victoria Jackson Shimmer Powder Brush in Bronze Review

  1. wooow this is something new to me *woot* *woot* loved the shade *drool* *drool* its very pretty and such a beauty *woot* *preen* *preen* awesome pick Megha *pompom* *pompom* *jalwa*

  2. *thankyou* saloni.. *puchhi*.. This is actually something new.. Even i did not have anything like this before with me.. But now i am *happydance* happy to have it.. *haan ji*

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