Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion Review

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I guess if we do a survey on how many of us would like a Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works body lotion, I bet most of us would raise our hands unanimously 🙂  I am a big fan of both of these brands and always hoard up on as many lotions as I can. Since I really like the floral tones, I more often pick up lotions, which are under the VS Fantasies Collection. One of them is VS Aqua Kiss, which is labeled, having highlights of freesia and daisy floral notes.

Victoria's Secret Aqua Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion


The lotion is packaged in a light blue-colored plastic bottle with a golden colored cap. It sets up a beachy theme with blue flowers featured prominently on the bottle. Though the bottle almost appears to be opaque you can still see the lotion amount in the bottle.The cap has a flip top nozzle same as the other VS Fantasies lotion ranges. Good travel-friendly bottle which you can easily keep in your bag. The cream has a very pale aquamarine color and very light texture.


250 ml bottle is priced at $14, though there have been huge discounts going on for the holidays.

Product Description:

Victoria's Secret Aqua Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion


Victoria's Secret Aqua Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion

VS Aqua Kiss Body lotion Fragrance:

The fragrance is very fresh and has subtle floral notes. Though I have neither smelled freesia nor daisy, but I still like the fragrance.  True to its name, the fragrance reminds me of standing in a beach feeling the wind blowing on my face.  I really like how the floral notes have been described to be of rain-kissed flowers….how exotic!

The fragrance is very summery and spring-time fragrance. Once I apply the lotion, it continues to linger on my skin but the only sad thing is it is for only an hour or two. The range also has body butter and shower gel in the same fragrance, so I guess layering of these products would prolong the fragrance.

However, this lotion is very good to use in office environment as it is subtle and not very overpowering. Also, if I use any perfume of other floral notes, I did not find it to clash with this body lotion.

My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion:

This body lotion blends easily into the skin, so I use it mostly in the mornings.  Since it has a very fresh and clean scent, it really revives the mornings. A very small amount of lotion is sufficient enough for use. After application, the skin feels moisturized and the credit goes to aloe, oats and grapeseed content. It also contains antioxidants, vitamin E and C, but I did not find any skin firming or anti-aging benefits.

Victoria's Secret Aqua Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion

But it is a good hydration provider to the skin, at least for multiple hours during the day. After applying the body lotion, I do not need re-application unless I have exposed my skin to a lot of sun or cold wind. Since the body lotion is very lightweight, it does not have any oily feel to it, just good enough moisturization.  One disadvantage like all the other VS fantasies lotion is that it has parabens.

Victoria's Secret Aqua Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion:

  • Lotion is very light in texture, which can be easily blended.
  • Keeps skin moisturized for a few hours.
  • Lotion gets easily absorbed without any greasy feel.
  • Does not require frequent re-application.
  • Only a small amount is required for each use.
  • Has more floral notes which is not very overpowering.
  • Sturdy bottle with press to open nozzle.
  • Fragrance smells very fresh.
  • Fragrance can be made to last for additional hours by layering it with body butter or shower gel with fragrance in the same notes.
  • Bottle is semi transparent, so easy to see the available lotion content.
  • Travel-friendly bottle.
  • Body lotion more suitable for summer or spring time.

Victoria's Secret Aqua Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion:

  • It does not have SPF, so you need to layer up on sunscreen.
  • Contains parabens.
  • Though pricey for a single bottle, it often comes in promotional offers.

IMBB Rating:


It has a very pleasant fragrance and good moisturization which I really liked. The only downside is the paraben content.

Would I Repurchase Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion?

I would definitely recommend this product. Since the fragrance is very alluring, I am thinking of using the shower gel in the same fragrance range.  Please share your thoughts on how you have liked this lotion.

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8 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion Review

    1. Thanks Jomol….Aqua Kiss is becoming my fav fragrances from VS 🙂
      It smells so much of spring times….can’t wait for it to start !!

    1. Kadambari…I hope you could try VS soon too…
      I would recommend this Aqua Kiss fragrance ….it is neither too floral or too sweet… I am sure you would like it 🙂

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