Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Sparkling Shadow in Flashback Review

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Sparkling Shadow in Flashback Review

By Pragya Shukla

Today, I will be reviewing Victoria’s Secret Sparkling Shadow in “Flashback.” Flashback comes in a cute liquid eyeliner-like bottle with a silver-coloured cap to which the applicator wand is attached. It is very convenient to take with you in your makeup pouch or to trash it in your purse just like that.


Flashback is a black sparkly eyeshadow. Priced at Canadian $7.50, this eyeshadow is true to the claimed “high sparkle.” In fact, it is bursting with sparkle and the black is really black, and not grey-black and is perfect for creating the smokey eye you had always craved for.


Flashback comes with a sponge applicator. It’s application is a bit tricky, although it may seem like a piece of cake initially, but as you go on to apply it, you will find out that a little dab is more than just sufficient for the whole of your eyelid unless you want to look like a total drag queen (oh-no!) Also, the black shadow along with the sparkle spreads beautifully well and does not crease.

VS Black Eyeliner 2

Although you might want to make your mind up to go and buy one for you, but let me warn you, it dusts a lot. The fallout is bad and if you try to dust it off with your brush or your finger, it gets smudged even more.


I recommend using a wet wipe to wipe the fallout from your cheek before you continue with the rest of your makeup. As you continue to wear it, you will realize that the sparkle starts falling off after a good 5-6 hours.

VS Black Eyeliner 4

It has both pros and cons and I would recommend it to people who REALLY love glitter, don’t really care about the fallout and are ready to fight it.



CAD 7.5 for 1 gram (Approximately Rs. 400).


Pros of Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Sparkling Shadow in Flashback:

  • Beautiful black colour.
  • Bursting with sparkle.
  • Spreads really well.
  • Convenient to carry.
  • The applicator is really good.
  • A little dab is more than sufficient.
  • Does not crease.
  • Inexpensive.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Sparkling Shadow in Flashback:

  • Major fallout on application.
  • The sparkles start to fall off after a few hours.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Sparkling Shadow in Flashback?

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        1. I used a wet wipe for that. It gets really messy otherwise :/
          It’s not that big a task to apply it though. 🙂

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