Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion Review

Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion

Hello sweethearts,

As I told you guys that I am a big time Victoria’s Secret fan, so today I will be reviewing a body lotion from this brand called “berry kiss”. I am personally always attracted to buy their stuff and have tried loads of them. This was just a random pick from a local shop in Dubai. I got such a big discount that I could not believe it and picked it up immediately. I preferred to buy a fruity one but this one was a blend of flowery and fruity notes so thought of trying it. I picked up the mist of the same range as well. So let’s move on to the review.

Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion


Rs. 899 (250 ml) (I got it for Rs 400…yay)

Product description:

Pamper skin with the ingredients from the secret garden, like naturally conditioning Aloe, oat and grapeseed extracts, and nourishing vitamins E and C. Smooth over body for enriching moisture and sensuous fragrance.

Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion Ingredients
Key ingredients:

Wild raspberry, praline and rose.

My take on Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion:

So Victoria’s secret has the most girly and cute stuff and that is the best part I like about this brand. The bottle is in off-white colour with a pinkish metallic finish. As in, where the light reflects it shines I that pink metal finish. The bottle has a cute purple flower on it with the name written on it. Although I wish the body lotion bottle was also purple in colour as the other stuff from this range is purple in colour to match up with the name. The cap is shimmery golden in colour and is a press and open cap like that in the herbal essences shampoo bottles, so that becomes pretty convenient for the product to come out and no problem of leakage at all. The bottle is quite big so it becomes difficult to carry it , so I personally don’t carry it along.

Now coming to the smell, it smells fresh and blissful raspberries, that is the opening note. As time passes by you start recognizing the smell of lovely roses. So it’s a fruity cum floral fragrance if you go to see exactly. It is not an overwhelming smell , it is mild as compared to the other Victoria’s secret lotions. Also the smell of praline is quite recognizable. Praline is that nutty thing or crispy powder inside chocolate bars. The smell is decent enough but does not stay for a long time. As it is mild it quickly goes away. Lasts for like 2 hours. If you spray it along with the mist like I do then it lasts for quite a long time. The lotion is hydrating for summers but for winter I don’t think these will work out. They will but will not provide up to date apt moisturisation. The price is quite reasonable as the quantity is good enough that even if you use the lotion everyday once, then too it will last for like 4 months. And mostly on these lotions, the schemes are going on where you usually get a discount if you buy it from some online store, so it is a pretty good deal. Overall, I am happy with the lotion for the way it works out with me as it smells really girly and refreshing and I love that.
Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion (3)

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion:

-Quantity is damn good.
-Decently priced.
-Lasts really long with the mist.
-Available in India as well.
-Combination of floral and fruity fragrance , so it is a unique one.
Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion (6)

Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion (5)


Cons of Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion:

-Packaging is bulky.
-Does not last really long without the mist.
Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion swatch

Would I repurchase/recommend Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion?

No, I will try the other variants that I have not yet tried and would recommend this to those ladies out there who like floral and fruity fragrances, it is a blend so you will get both the fragrances in one.

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13 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Berry Kiss Hydrating Body Lotion Review

    1. Very good morning Neha di.. *puchhi* *hifive*
      Even i tried it for the firs time… something unique but i totally loved it *happy dance* *happy dance* raspberries and rose *woot* delicious!! *happy dance*

    1. Even i looooove the scent Abhinaya.. *hifive* *happydance* the mist is even better than the lotion na *puchhi*

    1. *thankyou* Sooo much Soundarya *woot* i went to Dubai a few months ago…waha pe we went to buy perfumes and stuff for us as well gifting purpose… went to some local shop from there i got it for 400 bucks… so picked up for all my friends as well lol *hifive* *happydance*

    1. Yeahh lol even i couldn’t believe when that guy told me the price.. *hihi* *hihi* it is really good… do try it once *hifive*

    1. me too love VS Val.. *puchhi* *drool* yeah 400 only… i made a good deal lol *hifive* its a floral cum fruity smell… worth giving a try *hifive*

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