Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Love with Diamond Dust Body Cream Review

Summer is here and it is gradually building towards its peak tempo. Summer also brings the best holidays, especially a quick getaway to the hills. This time, I visited the vicinity of Shimla and the whole place was blooming with flowers with greenery everywhere. Trees were radiant with their lavender and red bloom. The morning sunshine was a welcome and I walked a lot around soaking in the sun rays for some much-needed Vitamin D! The sunshine was so bright, that any surface would reflect like a diamond. So, let’s see whether this VS body cream delivered its claim of Brilliant Diamonds!

Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Love with Diamond Dust Body Cream

Product Description:
Leave them mesmerised in Brilliant Love, a scintillating blend of blushing peony and blackberry- with side notes of gardenia, rose, hyacinth, sweet pea, pear, and vanilla. This luxurious and glamorous body cream is infused with illuminating Diamond Dust and moisturizing Shea Butter. Massage on for rich moisture and the perfect glow. Radiant shimmer and a luminous quality to make your skin smooth and silky soft.


Body cream ingredients

US $12 for roughly 200 ml. Online site sells it for $8.

Product description body cream

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My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Love with Diamond Dust Body Cream:

It has the traditional old tube packaging; however, the presentation is an assortment of purple starting from white to lavender to mauve. It has a silver top with a luminous sheen to it. The packaging is catchy. The tube would be radiant in any light, making it difficult for me to capture every word on the tube. It would look very pretty sitting on the dressing table.

Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Love with Diamond Dust Body Cream

Coming to the texture, this is a fluffy mousse-like texture. It is nice and soft to touch, not too thick and creamy. It would be ideal for application during the spring-summer transition as it gets absorbed on gentle massaging. It does not leave any greasy feeling and leaves a moisturized feeling longer than expected. But during peak summer, especially if you are prone to sweating, please go carefully with this.

Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Love with Diamond Dust Body Cream

This scent is not too strong overall; however, it may come out sharp in the beginning. I could not attach anything natural with this smell, I felt it is more of a concoction of something urban which gives you the existence of been derived from nature. The smell is good, but not great. It definitely stays for first 3 hours, but starts to fade by the fourth hour. It could suit easily anyone between the age of 20 to 40 and almost for anytime wear if you identify with the scent.

Body cream

Now coming to the next claim, the one which got me excited to pick this up – the Diamond Brilliance, where are the sparkles. I have tried it with single and multiple layers of cream; I couldn’t see the “brilliance” anywhere. I inspected it under indoor lights, sunlight, and bulb light, nope nothing. I have tried other sparkling and shimmer creams and have seen some very obvious results, but this one continues to show me clear skin every time. I simply couldn’t find the diamond dust on me, maybe I got a faulty one- do let me know in comments if anyone else has used it.

Body cream

Conclusion:  It has got a good smell, with a good texture, taking the right amount of time to blend in skin, with a decent fragrance lasting for a few hours, but without the shine and shimmer. I definitely wouldn’t use it during summer since everything makes me sweat during that time, but it’s good for rest of the year as a body moisturizer.

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Love with Diamond Dust Body Cream:

  • Refreshing smell, though artificial.
  • Colourful and trendy packaging.
  • Leaves silky softness, but for a small duration only.
  • The scent lingers for a considerable amount of time.
  • Tube packaging, easy to carry.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Love with Diamond Dust Body Cream:

  • Where are the diamonds, honey?
  • Only online purchase possible.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Love with Diamond Dust Body Cream?
With the stack of body lotions gathering dust in my stash, I wouldn’t need to repurchase this body cream for sure. I may still give the scented mist a try since the fragrance is good. Go for it only if you really love the smell, but don’t expect any diamond dust.

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