Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Shimmer Shadow in Gold Dust Review

Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Shimmer Shadow in Gold Dust

Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Shimmer Shadow in Gold Dust Review

Here is the review of another glittery product in my vanity 😀 I am a person who loves shimmers and glitters and that is how I ended up getting this product for myself. Though I love glitters, I always tone it down to avoid looking like a clown 😛 The Victoria’s Secret Shimmer Shadow is one such product which I have been using very recently and thought would review the same for all you ladies here.

Product Description:
“Shower lids in shimmer, high-pigment loose powder shadow offers an instant pop of color. Blend for a sheer shimmering colorwash or layer for dramatic color impact.”

The price of VS Shimmering Shadow is $12 for 3 g. The best time to get this is during sale. The price goes as low as $5.

Victoria's secret brilliant shimmer shadow

The shimmer shadow comes in a tiny bottle that is so comfortable to be carried around. I like their simple packaging and the cute look of the bottle. I have dropped the bottle a couple of times and surprise, it is still in a good condition. The powder is so so soft that you have to be really careful while opening the lid or else you will find the powder flying and messing up your mirror.  Since the powder is very soft, it is so easy to blend and apply.

Victoria's Secret Brilliant Shimmer eyeshadow

I mainly use this as an eyeshadow and sometime as body glitter. To use it as an eye shadow, you definitely need a good binding product like the “Inglot Duraline,”  else it is going to spread all over your face.  Also, you “have” to use it with a light hand, else too much glitter and product will look horrible and for the very first time, I got scared seeing myself in the mirror. Thank God, my daughter and hubby didn’t see me then 😉

While using it as a body glitter, I sprinkle a little amount on my kabuki brush and just swipe it here and there in the areas where I want to highlight. Again, it is very important to take a little amount of the product, else you will be glittering all over like some glittering doll.

Victoria's Secret

VS Tip:  For the most controlled application apply directly to lids with finger tips.

I strongly recommend the VS tip as I have tried using it with a brush many times and I feel using it with the fingers are more easy, comfortable and mess-free.

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Shimmer Shadow in Gold Dust:

  • The shade gold dust is a golden color powder and thus can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • The packaging is convenient.
  • Travel friendly, you can carry it with you easily.
  • Powder is very fine and soft.
  • Easy to blend and spread.
  • I doubt its availability in India.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Shimmer Shadow in Gold Dust:

  • The powder is very fine that it flies off easily.
  • Please please please use it with a light hand, else it is going to look horrible.
  • To be used as an eye shadow, you need a binding agent.
  • Staying power is very less.
  • Spreads all over.

Rating: 3/5.

Will I Repurchase Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Shimmer Shadow in Gold Dust:

No, I think this bottle will last long. Also, one universal color (Gold) is enough for me.

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