Victoria’s Secret Endless Love Hydrating Body Lotion – Your Search Ends Here

Victoria’s Secret Endless Love Hydrating Body Lotion

By Manveetha

Hello Lovelies,

The nights in my city and getting a little colder and that means, winter is coming! And winter brings hot chocolate, warm sweaters, more comforters and  dry skin. Even though I have an oily face, my body suffers from dry skin in the winters and body lotion is a must. So, when my friend was coming from the USA, I just had to give her a Victoria’s Secret shopping list.


Victoria’s Secret has amazing scented lotions, so their body lotions are a blessing for my winter skin woes. I’m currently using their Endless Love Hydrating Body Lotion (I’m a fan of anything that says ‘Hydrating’) and I think it’s perfect! I’m half way through this bottle in a month, so I know I’m in love with this.


Fast-absorbing formula contains nourishing Aloe, Oat and Grapeseed Extracts, plus antioxidant Vitamin E and C. Massage on for silky replenishing moisture. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable.

Key Ingredients:


Apple Blossom &YlangYlang


14 USD.


250ml/8.4 floz

They had a “5 for $30” offer in Victoria’s Secret, so I got my lotions for $6 each (YAY!). I’ve also got the lotions in a few other scents, but I started using the Endless Love Hydrating Body Lotion first.


My experience with Victoria’s Secret Endless Love Hydrating Body Lotion:

So as soon as I got the Victoria’s Secret Lotions, I opened each one of them to see which fragrance I liked the best. The ‘Pure Seduction’ lotion topped my list. Since I loved it so much, I had to save it for when I wanted to smell extra good. The second lotion that I liked was the ‘Endless Love Hydrating Body Lotion’. The reason I like this one so much is because is smells like apple, candy and flowers in a bottle.

The lotion comes in a beautiful light-blue bottle with a golden colored lid. The packaging is hygienic and easy to use. If you reach the bottom of the bottle, you can completely remove the lid to use the rest of the lotion. Honestly, all these lotions are in such pretty bottles that I love to look at them! The apple blossom fragrance is the most prominent (I don’t know how ylangylang smells, but going by this lotion, I guess it smells great!). This is perfect for everyday use; the lotion melts into your skin and leaves a mild lingering fragrance on you for up to 10 hours. The smell also lingers on your clothes, so that’s a plus for me!



The lotion itself has a light blue tint to it and is easy to spread. I use it both morning and night. I love coming back from work and massaging this lotion on my hands and legs while catching up on some TV (my mini-spa time)! Use this lotion and you can go to sleep smelling heavenly! It nourishes the skin so well and leaves no dryness at all.

Though I love this lotion, I noticed that I have to apply in both morning and night. It does not make my skin dry or itchy but my skin loses the moisture in about 10 hours, so re-applying is a must. Since I enjoy massaging this into my skin, it isn’t a problem for me. But if you suffer from overly dry and itchy skin, try something more unscented and hydrating.Using this lotion both morning and night will make it last you for 3 months.

The only problem I ever had with this lotion was when I used it right after my laser treatment on my legs (stupid move, I know). It didn’t cause a horrific reaction or anything, but it did make my skin itchy and I had a mild burning sensation all over my legs. No scented lotion goes well with laser treated skin, so I don’t blame the lotion for it.

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Endless Love Hydrating Body Lotion:

  • Spreads easily.
  • Beautiful, practical and hygienic packaging.
  • Amazing fragrance.
  • Fragrance is mild enough for everyday use.
  • Good quantity – worth the money.
  • Available on online mega stores in India.
  • Good fore regular winter dryness.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Endless Love Hydrating Body Lotion:

  • Though this lotion is available online, it is overpriced and there might be a lot of fakes, so lack of availability from the brand is an issue for me.
  • Does not provide 24-hour moisture.
  • Not a solution to overly sensitive dry-itchy skin.

Overall, if you are a fan of great smelling lotions, this is a must-have for you! I rate this lotion a 4/5 and would recommend it to a friend.

My shopping list included:


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    1. Neha: I know 😀 I’m sooo happy I got them at sale too! They have a sale even now, so tell someone from the USA to pick up some for you 🙂

  1. Grt Manveeta… Yesterday I got a lippie… And they had some free products on so and so purchase…. But they were out of the freebies….. Hii hii hii….. It was hilarious… Finally gave me a freebie which was worth even more than the product I bought…. These r the sales of my city… Totally drooling over urs right now

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