Victoria’s Secret Eyeshadow Quads: Eye Contact and Mysterious Review

Victoria’s got a secret, and it just may be about how amazing her Eye Shadow Quads ($15 USD) are. The colors come in Sultry (a smoky grey neutral), Jeweled (pinks, blues, purples), Closer (pinks, browns, rose), Ravishing (pinks, purples, rose), Menage (neutrals, browns, dark browns), Satisfied (blacks, grays), Mysterious (greens, golds) and Eye Contact (neutrals, beige, and rusts).
victorias secret eyeshadow eye contact mysterious
I purchased two quads not too long ago from my local Victoria’s Secret and have been playing with them for a little while. I’m not saying they are a “Holy Grail” item, but they are pretty nice. Let’s get started shall we?

Victoria Says:
“Four coordinating satiny shadows can be worn alone, in combination or blended for infinite eye looks. Domestic.
Features and Benefits: Silky but textured shades build quickly and blend easily. Apply from lightest to darkest for maximum impact”.
victorias secret eyeshadow quad
The two colors I picked up were “Eye Contact” and “Mysterious”, Eye Contact being full of pretty browns and nudes and Mysterious packed with mossy greens and nudes.

First off I’d like to comment on the packaging. It is sleek and beautiful and sturdy, the only issue I have is the clasp. The clasp is very easy to open and close which makes it hard to travel with these shadows. Anything could bump into them, accidentally open the case, them ruin the product (every makeup maven’s worst nightmare!). I’m not saying you should have to use the jaws of life to open up a product, but I feel a little safer when the clasp has a little “give” when opening it up.
victorias secret eyeshadow fallout
Also, these shadows can be a little fallout happy. It’s not as bad as falling out in clumps but the package does get a nice little helping of shimmer when using these shadows. But to be completely honest, it doesn’t bother me too much. There are worse things I could get all excited about.

All of the shades are shimmery/satin minus the darkest brown in the Eye Contact pallet. The shadows when swatched with your finger feel a little hard, like you really have to dig into the product to get any color, however, I don’t experience this issue when using an eye shadow brush so this doesn’t bother me too much.

The pigmentation is pretty good (about medium pigmentation on average), the only exception being the darkest brown (the least pigmented of all the shadows from both quads). On the other hand, for a beginner to the world of makeup this could be a very good item. The shades are all extremely wearable and as for the dark brown, when you have to build up the color it keeps you from going overboard and taking too much. Plus, it’s nothing a little primer can’t fix.
victorias secret eye contact swatch

victorias secret mysterious swatch

The colors in each of the 8 quads Victoria’s Secret offers can get a little “same-y” if you’re not careful when picking (with the exception of a couple of them). I tried to pick two different pallets since a couple of them could easily be interchanged. Nevertheless, in general the pallets are super pretty. I actually reach for these quads pretty often when I’m in need of a quick and easy “go to” look and am rushing out the door.

Also, taking an exclusive look on price, $15 (USD) for four extremely wearable shadows isn’t that bad of a deal, especially with how expensive the packaging looks. (I’m a packaging whore, what can I say? I like my make up to look pretty even when it’s not on my face ha-ha)
Overall, what you’re getting for the money is pretty good.

Let’s get to the breakdown shall we?
Packaging: 4/5 (sturdy up that clasp would ya?)
Product: 4/5 (medium pigmentation and slight fallout)
Price: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Would I Buy Again? Depends on if the colors were really that great, I already own a lot of colors similar to what they have to offer.

I think Victoria’s real secret is the fact that her cosmetic line doesn’t get as much attention as it should and deserves. But I guess she likes to keep it “hush hush” why brag like the other guys do? The product speaks for itself! 😉

Beatrice is an American makeup and beauty blogger who after taking a break from the blogging world is trying to throw herself back into the deep end and get her blog back on track. You can visit her at to see other reviews and tutorials you may find interesting.

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17 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Eyeshadow Quads: Eye Contact and Mysterious Review

  1. Welcome to IMBB Beatrice. :)) Such gorgeous shades. I loved the shades in mysterious one. Chic and wearable . Unfortunately we don;t get this in India but will def keep a look out for these. Great review and welcome to IMBB. :))

    1. lovely shades – i liked the ‘Mysterious’ better 🙂

      Rati- any idea where I can pick up a ‘primer’ from? for the face? been hunting all over the place..

  2. rati…. ths reminds me of ur bobby brown quad… :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:
    lucky u beatrice, we dnt get much in here from VS…. thnkx for d review :thanks: :thanks:

  3. I’m surprised you can’t get these in India 🙁 I checked the website and they shipped to India so I assumed it was ok. I would have never picked it for a review if I knew it was unavailable! Sorry everyone!

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