Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection Secret Charm Body Butter

Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection Secret Charm Body Butter

Victoria's Secret Garden Collection Secret Charm Body Butter

Hi Everyone!

I have been using Victoria’s Secret Body Butters since 2 years now and I absolutely am in LOVE with them! I try to use them being as stingy as possible as they are still not available in India :headbang: but I’m hoping they get here as soon as possible *fingers-crossed*

Product Description:

Secret Charm

An irresistible, fresh fragrance. Experience the luxury of fragrant hydration. Restorative formula is enriched with deeply conditioning shea and jojoba butters, plus antioxidant vitamin E. Massage on for long-lasting, intensive moisture, focusing on dry, rough areas. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable: the ultimate sexy sensation.

Secret Charm

Scent:  Enchant in Secret Charm®, a bright bouquet of fresh honeysuckle captivated by soft jasmine.

Secret Charm

How To Use:


$12 or Special 3/$25 or 5/$30; quantity of each is 6.5 oz.

When I got this, it was 7 oz (200 g) for $10 each and then similar offers. So, Victoria’s Secret have increased the price and decreased the quantity :nonono:

One of my favourite fragrances from the Victoria’s Secret fragrance is the “Romantic Wish.” Unfortunately, I cannot see it online now.  The body butter I had from that line smelt “amazing!” I hope it either comes back or maybe I’m just not seeing properly, but I sure do hope to get my hands on it as soon as possible!  I’m pretty much done with the last of the two tubs I had of that. :waaa:

Secret Charm

Thankfully, I also had “Secret Charm” which smells equally brilliant. It is mild yet luxurious! So, I will talk about only the “Secret Charm” as I’m sure it is currently available at Victoria’s Secret.

Secret Charm


It comes in a tub with a screw on top; all made of a good-quality plastic. It has a glossy finish to its exterior and is very smooth to touch! I love VS body butter packaging! One downside with almost every body butter is that there is loads of double dipping in it; to keep reaching back into the same product again and again feels so unhygienic!


To explain its exact fragrance is near impossible, it is complex yet mild, subtle yet evident.  Its ingredient list has beauties like Apples, Honeysuckle, Stephanotis (Jasmine variety). Just reading those names was enough to get a feeling of a luxurious, fruity, flowery perfume and smelling it was just a dreamy experience. It has jasmine but it’s not like the typical jasmine we smell in other products.  Though it has fruits and flowers, it is not a very girly fragrance either; it is a bit on the stronger side, but ever so slightly. I think it falls perfectly in the middle of the two extremes. The fragrance lasts all day, its intensity keeps getting milder, but it lingers for sure.

Secret Charm


It is a very silky, creamy, and lightest of blues coloured body butter. It goes on very smoothly and is very easy to blend. It does not take much time or effort for the skin to absorb this, provided the skin is still a tad bit moist. That is why when used immediately after a bath; it really spreads out quicker than body lotions! If applied when one is dry, it spreads and absorbs easily enough, but a lot of product is required.  It has a little shine to it when first applied, but then that “shine” completely fades away in a few minutes.

Secret Charm


No matter how dry my skin gets, VS body butters always take good care of it. They are very moisturising, but without any stickiness. But for extremely dry skin, that effect may not last long. In winters, I start to miss its effect after 4-5 hours, but my skin is fairly normal with a little dryness. So, beauties out there with very dry skin will probably not prefer something like this.  It has Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Olive Oil. It is just bound to be silky smooth!

In summers, I use it but only on areas that tend to get the driest, like my legs and arms. If I apply this all over me in peak crazy Indian summers, I literally feel suffocated! So, I completely avoid this during extreme summers, especially on the underarms, neck, chest, basically the upper body.

In the following image, in the “before” shot, I hope you can make out the dryness. In the “after” shot, I then hope you can see how nicely it smoothes the skin out! In winter or on dry days, I can’t live without this!! It does what it is supposed to and it has such a wonderful, long-lasting fragrance!

Secret Charm

So, to sum it all up; the pros and cons of this beautiful product are:

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection Secret Charm Body Butter:

:yes: It is true to its claims, does exactly what it says.

:yes: Long lasting, both in quantity and fragrance wise.
:yes: The formula is very creamy and easy to spread, so a little goes a long way too.
:yes: Fragrance is SUPREMELY beautiful!
:yes: Contains Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Olive Oil.
:yes: Does not take much time to spread when the skin is a little moist.
:yes: Price for the quantity is remarkably good.
:yes: Packaging is cute and colorful.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection Secret Charm Body Butter:

:no: Double dipping!! A big no no! I wish these came in squeeze tubes!
:no: Not good for summers
:no: Not very effective for super dry skins (I’m assuming).
:no: Not available in India.

Will I Repurchase Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection Secret Charm Body Butter?

Yes, absolutely! Given the chance, I will pick this up and others that have a beautiful fragrance to them. It is very hard for me to find a fragrance I love, so I always go back to my tried and tested ones.

Will I Recommend Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection Secret Charm Body Butter?

Yes, absolutely! If not, this exact fragrance, then do pick up another one if you can. If you like scented body butters, then you will surely like this too!

IMBB Rating:

4.5/5 (deducting due to non-availability and because it might be ineffective-just-a-luxury-product for very dry skin).

Last Word on Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection Secret Charm Body Butter:

Come to India ASAP!!!!!! 😀

Stay Happy Ladies!! :heart:

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