Victoria’s Secret Garden Silkening Body Splash ‘Endless Love’ Review

Victoria’s Secret Garden Silkening Body Splash ‘Endless Love’

victoria's secret garden silkening body splash
We women have always known the power of smelling good. And while some of us need just a bit over the armpits and behind the ears, the majority of us just can’t get enough of the fragrance and spray it all over the body. Well, that’s what my article today is based on. A body splash, by Victoria’s Secret!

What is a body splash?

A body splash (or body mist) is a milder form of perfume that can be sprayed all over your body. Unlike perfume, you can’t go over the top with this. Plus, this is less expensive than a perfume. Also, it normally comes in plastic bottles, which makes it very easy to be carried even for long distances, and can be sprayed again whenever there is a need! That being said, here comes my review –

Victoria’s Secret Silkening Body Splash Endless Love

The company says – You’ll imagine you’re standing in a lush garden of sensual fragrance with our Silkening Body Splash. It lightly moisturizes and soothes skin after the shower or bath, or anytime you want the irresistible scent of Endless Love.

Directions for use –
Lightly mist over the body for a delicate fragrance.
Ingredients – Alcohol Denat., water, fragrance, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Benzophenone – 2, Aloe Extract, Chamomile Extract, Blue 1, Red 33.
victorias secret garden silkening body splash description
Price– Rs 595 for 236 ml
Made in– New York, USA.

My take on Victoria’s Secret Garden Silkening Body Splash

I’ve been using Victoria’s Secret’s body splashes since 2 years now. They have an exciting and very different range of fragrances available in India which includes titles like – amber, strawberry and champagne, endless love, etc.

Endless love, like the title, has a romantic fragrance that’s neither too strong nor too mild. I’ve always been complimented wherever I go, and I’ve always been asked about the perfume I am using. (So much so, that I believe I should be the Brand Ambassador for Victoria’s Secret body splashes now! My friends have started using it because of me.) Anyway, so the body mist leaves one with a mild sensual fragrance that typically lasts for about 3-4 hours. It has a fruity touch to it. The scent makes me feel all confident and feminine. It also slightly moisturizes my skin, but since the moisturizing effect is not much, I apply it after shower, after using a body lotion. It can be used anywhere on the body, on the hair too (since it is mild), and even over the clothes. I also use it in my car for that personal touch.

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Silkening Body Splash Endless Love

1. The fragrance is mild, fruity, and feminine.
2. The scent lasts for about 3-4 hours.
3. It comes in a plastic bottle which can be easily carried in travel bags and purses.
4. It can be sprayed over the hair too.
5. The title itself makes my boyfriend go weak in the knees! :-*
6. Lasts quite long. One bottle sprayed all over the body twice a day, will last for at least 3 months. 
7. Everyone notices it, and compliments me for the scent I use.   

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Silkening Body Splash Endless Love

1. It does not live up to its moisturizing property. A body lotion has to be applied for those with dry skin.
2. The product is quite expensive, when compared to other body mists available in the market.
3. Since the product is not Indian, the prices tend to vary at places. I’ve seen the product being sold from Rs 500 – 695 in my part of the city itself!
4. The pump spray system is not of a good quality, and becomes non-functional after some time.

Will I repurchase it?
Definitely! I have been using Victoria’s Secret body splashes consistently now (and the best fragrances are ‘Amber’ and ‘Strawberry and champagne’). I will continue to try all the fragrances they have to offer!

Rating– 4/5

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  1. Hello !!

    I am regular reader of this forum. Reviews are really good and helps to buy right product. I am very fond VS’ products. Can anybody tell me where can i get these products in Mumbai? Do anyone have store address so i can visit them and buy it. ?:)

  2. i dont see it as a must have product, many of the VS fragrances are also typical,thanks for sharing a detailed honest review on this splash, cheers

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