Victoria’s Secret Hello Darling Body Mist Review

Victoria’s Secret Hello Darling Body Mist

Description: The bottle says, refreshing formula is infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile. Spray on for a touch of scent.

Directions: Has a spray pump, spray it like any normal mist 🙂 , I would advice you guys to spray it directly on the body instead of clothes, I feel it lasts longest that way 🙂 . Use it after shower and spray it on the pulse points and you will smell like sugar candy :p <3

Warning: Flammable. Keep away from flame or high heat .


Packaging: This is the best part about all victoria’s secret products, the adorable packaging. Maybe that’s the secret :p the cute packaging which makes people buy their products <3 . It comes in a plastic bottle with a yellow plastic nozzle with tiny glitters and a transparent cap above it. The bottle is transparent however the label at the back of the bottle has a pretty floral print in yellow and pink on it which makes the bottle appealing. The front side of the bottle had Hello Darling written on it with a very cute tiny border and a little bow on top <3 . It’s easy to use , spray it just like any other mist 🙂 . There is information written on the back side of the bottle.

Texture & Colour: The texture of the mist is thin like water and its transparent in colour. It’s a good thing that it’s moisturizing but doesn’t feel greasy after applying 🙂

Fragrance: The bottle says that it has notes of white Nectarine & Peony <3 however , I have noticed that everyone has a different opinion about this scent . Some said it smelled like apple soda and some like a sweet candy. It has a very sweet smell, to me personally it smells like pineapple jelly or candy <3 I love sweet scents. I couldn’t distinguish the notes as the sweetness is over powering but that’s the speciality of VS products, the candy like smell <3 .


My take on Victoria’s Secret Hello Darling Body Mist:

This mist if from the fantasies collection of Victoria Secret. I absolutely LOVE VS products, they are cute and sweet smelling, if you like sweet smelling scents, you might wanna try this . I saw this at one of the shop and I liked how the bottle looked so I bought it, I love collecting Victoria’s Secret mists and I am glad I added this to my collection. It’s floral and fruity, a very girly day scent. You will smell bubble gummy after applying it honestly :p , the one that I bought is 250 ml which is the big bottle but you also get a 60 ml small travel friendly size if you want to carry it in your bag incase 🙂 . Its defiantly a summer scent, it also reminds me of gardens and I don’t know why but PINEAPPLE juice !!! I like pineapple so I don’t mind the scent 😀 . I love the name <3 Hello Darling is such a cute name. The only downside to this mist is the staying power 🙁 does not last ! fades quickly , it should have been named Goodbye Darling instead if you notice the lasting power, I know that mists last much lesser than EDP but this one has much lesser staying power than most of the Victoria’s Secret mists i own 🙁 so that’s disappointing . I still love the strong candy like smell so I am happy I went ahead and bought it 😀 <3 , I also like how they added aloe vera as a skin conditioner .


Pros of Victoria’s Secret Hello Darling Body Mist:

• Cute packaging
• Easy to use
• Has aloe vera
• Candy like sweet bubblegummy scent

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Hello Darling Body Mist:

• Hard to find
• Bad staying power, fades quickly

Price: INR 450 for 250 ml

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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  1. Hahahahahha it should have been named goodbye darling rofl rofl rofl i have soo many mists from VS… many of them last long *hifive* *hifive* sad this one didn’t *headbang*

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