Victoria’s Secret Love Addict Fragrance Mist Review

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During the 2015 holiday season, I shopped to my heart’s content at Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret and other such places which had attractive sales. The product in this post is a part of the holiday haul. I am not a huge fan of expensive body sprays specially the kind which have a strong alcoholic smell. I like mild, earthy fragrances and hence body mists and body sprays are what I look for. I have tried body sprays from The Body Shop, Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. They all have a huge variety to choose from; more or less they all are very comparable mostly because none of them lasts for more than few hours. Below is my opinion on one such product.

Victoria's Secret Love Addict Fragrance Mist Review

Product Description:
Formulated to mix, blend and play for a custom scent, this sheer mist entices with wild orchid and blood orange in a travel-size spray vial.

Mix two or mix a few. No rules. Just fun!

Fragrance type:
Fruity floral

Wild orchid and blood orange


My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Love Addict Fragrance Mist:

It’s always fun to go to Victoria’s Secret store because their stores are always decked up so tastefully that it literally beckons you to come inside and buy something. It’s in full bloom of pink and reds, and looks so ravishing.


Especially during the holiday season, the store looks like Santa’s Christmas workshop. Also, there is always a cute SA to help you out. They usually have a rather ‘help yourself display stand’ where one can go and try out all the fragrances. I usually go for fresh, natural and mild fragrances. The sort which are not too heady but make their presence felt.


I bought five products from the store and this is one of them. I love the fruity fragrance of this product and since along with it I bought a body lotion of same flavor, I can layer the two and get long lasting, refreshing aroma. The packaging is not worth a separate mention except that it’s sturdy and serves the purpose, but the fragrance was a letdown after the first application. I bought it because of its passion fruit fragrance, but after I apply it, the fragrance gets too alcoholic for my olfactory senses and gives a faint headache.


I have tried several other fragrances from Victoria’s Secret and most of them smell good; mostly because they have subtle fragrance and are not too alcoholic. But the new range in cylindrical bottle with golden caps is bit too strong and alcoholic and it is hard to choose because most of these fragrances give me headache.


Also, even though it belongs to a specialty brand, this body mist gives a very poor time (just like the ones I have used in past). After few hours or rather few minutes, the fragrance disappears and has to be reapplied. Also, it does not camouflage body odour and can not replace an antiperspirant.

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Love Addict Fragrance Mist:

• Sturdy and pretty packaging
• Sturdy pump mechanism
• Scent of passion fruit, when sampled for the first time
• Not very expensive, especially if bought during holiday season
• Easily available online or in stores
• Lots of fragrances to choose from
• Has lotions and shower gels in the same fragrance range

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Love Addict Fragrance Mist:

• Fades away eventually and has to be reapplied
• Fragrance is bit too alcoholic and gives a faint headache

Would I Repurchase Victoria’s Secret Love Addict Fragrance Mist?
No, and I would not like to buy other fragrances as well because most of them give me headache and offer a poor wear time. I do not recommend it to the readers either.

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