Victoria’s Secret Merry Merry Pink Body Mist Review

Victoria’s Secret Merry Merry Pink Body Mist

Hey everyone!!

Today is going to be review of a body fragrance by Victoria’s Secret. I never bought a body mist for myself. I have used many BBWs body mists from my mom’s collection though.

Victoria’s Secret Merry Merry Pink Body Mist
So my mom got this for me when she visited me last month, as I really wanted one for myself for a long time. This was their Christmas edition and this range has a perfume and a body lotion as well. It was pretty strange that they restock it twice every year although it is a Christmas special. According to them, it’s due to its popular demand.

Ingredients :

There is no ingredient list mentioned anywhere in the packaging. But on the front it says Winter Berry and Magnolia, which I am assuming, should be good.


1600/- for 250 ml.

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My experience with Victoria’s Secret Merry Merry Pink Body Mist :

It comes in a light fluorescent green coloured bottle. I guess this really cute green glow is due to the fluorescent green label stuck at the backside, which has these, little hearts, which I think is a very cute detailing. The print on the front has shimmer on it just to get into the holiday mood.

Has a regular spray top with a cap. This cap has a weird locking mechanism. I tried screwing it open, but well I was suppose to pull it out 😛

Victoria’s Secret Merry Merry Pink Body Mist (3)

Coming to the smell. If I go into the details, it smells really classy and floral. It smells like perfume, like a high-end perfume. It is strong enough without overpowering for everyday use. I kind of also get reminded of the scent- “cool water” by “Davidoff”, but its not very significant. I can say this is the best smelling stuff I have ever owned. If you are into fresh floral scents with jazz, this is for you!

This has an amazing staying power. You can literally say this stays even after 5-6 hours, which I think, is amazing. The smell slowly becomes very light and if you were to sniff yourself, you can smell this even after 7 hours.
I prefer to use this as an everyday scent but this is totally perfect for a date night. It is very inexpensive if you consider the mesmerizing smell this has and the quantity you are getting. I have been using this for a month now and it looks like I have hardly lowered the level of the liquid in the bottle. You need only 2-3 sprays and you are good to go for the entire day 🙂

Victoria’s Secret Merry Merry Pink Body Mist

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Merry Merry Pink Body Mist :

1. Love the packaging.
2. Totally amazing smell.
3. Good staying power.
4. Good amount for the cost.
5. Available at VS stores and Pink range is also available at BBWs stores.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Merry Merry Pink Body Mist :

1. List of ingredients not mentioned.
2. Comes out only twice a year.
Victoria’s Secret Merry Merry Pink Body Mist (4)
Do I recommend Victoria’s Secret Merry Merry Pink Body Mist ?
Yes if you can get your hands on it, you must try it for sure 🙂

IMBB Rating:


Which is your favorite body fragrance? 🙂

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  1. Loved the way you explained everything *happydance* i want to get it… *haan ji* *haan ji* ill search for it online as soon as i am done with all my perfumes and mists *hifive*

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