Victoria’s Secret Perfectly Wild Fragrance Mist Review

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As much as I am addicted to makeup, I love fragrances too! In fact, I love everything glamorous in this beauty world. Victoria’s Secret is one brand that I keep splurging on because it gives me immense pleasure to own these super cute and amazing smelling mists. This time, I got my hands on a mist called “Perfectly Wild.” I love such flirty scents and this exactly looked my type. This range has 3 variants – Perfectly Love, Perfectly Flirt, and perfectly Wild – aren’t these names cute? Let’s see how I liked this wild scent.

Victoria’s Secret Perfectly Wild Fragrance Mist


Rs. 700 for 250 ml.

Product Description by Victoria’s Secret:
Fragrance mist with star fruit and radiant orchid. Get perfectly wild. Refreshing mist is infused with conditioning aloe vera. Spray it on for the perfect touch of scent.

Victoria’s Secret Perfectly Wild Fragrance Mist

My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Perfectly Wild Fragrance Mist:

VS fragrance mists are something that I absolutely need in my life 😛 So, I keep trying new scents from VS 🙂 Talking about the packaging, you know how attractive and colorful these bottles look. This one definitely lives up to its name “Perfectly Wild” as the mist comes in a bright purple bottle with gold and black accents. It looks very classy with gold and I love keeping it in my closet.

The mist comes in the signature VS style, which looks like a flower vase. It is super handy and great to carry around, these mists are my best friends when I go out. I always love smelling good and these help me a lot when I am traveling.

Victoria’s Secret Perfectly Wild Fragrance Mist

The mist in particular does not have any color. I got this because I love overpowering and flirty scents a lot, they are must-haves in my collection. It smells fruity and it’s a sweet blend of star fruit and orchid but the citrusy hints of star fruit are replaced by sweet hits bringing a change to the normal scent, thereby making it unique. It does contain orchid hints too but the fruity scent totally dominates over the floral one.

It is a very young scent that women below 35 can rock. The scent after a while settles to a musky base, which I loved. So overall, this is totally my kind of a scent and I love to have such fun and fresh ones in my collection. It lasts on me for around 4 hours on my skin and around 5 hours on my clothes.

Victoria’s Secret Perfectly Wild Fragrance Mist

VS fragrances always last more on the clothes than on the skin. It might stay longer if layered with the lotion from the same range. The sillage is powerful at the beginning, but vanishes after 25-30 minutes, but yet the smell is pretty much around.

This fragrance can be worn both during the day time and night time too, but will create an impact much more during night time. The fragrance is very refreshing, fun, playful, seductive and flirty. Whenever I have this on, it brings about a boost of confidence or say a different attitude which screams that I will do what I want, I don’t really care about the world!

Victoria’s Secret Perfectly Wild Fragrance Mist

This is totally perfect for someone who loves sweet fragrances, but women who don’t love sweet fragrances will surely like to stay away from it, but this is one of those scents from Victoria’s Secret which is not very over-powering, so you got to sniff this, may be you would just fall in love with this instantly.

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Perfectly Wild Fragrance Mist:

  • Attractive packaging.
  • Good to take along on travel.
  • Affordable for the quantity provided.
  • Fruity fragrance, with a sweet blend of star fruit and orchids with a flirty touch.
  • The scent is something that boosts up your confidence.
  • It’s a playful scent with a musky base, smells amazing.
  • Can be worn during both daytime and nighttime, feels sensual during if worn at night time.
  • Fragrance is a fresh burst of fruits, it’s a seductive, wild, and flirty fragrance.
  • Staying power is good, 4+ hours on my skin and much longer on the clothes.
  • Sillage is powerful in the beginning, but vanishes after a while because the scent is not that overpowering.
  • I never feel dull because the fragrance is so fresh that it always keeps me refreshed.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Perfectly Wild Fragrance Mist:

  • This is a VS scent which means it is sweet, hence not everyone would take a liking to this fragrance.
  • Limited availability in India.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Victoria’s Secret Perfectly Wild Fragrance Mist?
Yes totally! I love this scent because it goes so well with my personality. I totally recommend this one as it’s a fun and flirty fragrance.

IMBB Rating:

VS is the best brand if you want to experiment with different fragrances. I always fall short of words when I sniff them! They are my best buddies and I couldn’t have imagined my life without these amazing scents 🙂

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