Victoria’s Secret Pure Daydream Hydrating Body Lotion Review

Skin type: Combination

Hello ladies,

Today I am going to be reviewing “Pure Daydream’ from the very popular hydrating body lotion range from Victoria’s Secret which is still one of my favorites although I have been using it for ages now.

Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion Pure Daydream bottle

Price: 14 USD /900 INR (approx)
Quantity: 8.4 fl oz /250 ml
Shelf Life: 12 months from usage of the product

Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion Pure Daydream ingredients

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My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Pure Daydream Hydrating Body Lotion:

Pure Daydream is one body lotion so far in my vanity that is worth raving about and you would know why, if you read my previous reviews on a couple of hydrating lotions from the same range, like Secret Crush and Sensual Blush, I wonder how I missed out to share my review on this one. Anyhow, if you are wondering how pure daydream’s hydrating body lotion will be, keep reading to know. ‘Pure Daydream’ is a combo that does not sting unlike ‘Secret Crush’. It has a smooth delicate sweet fragrance to it that is overwhelming, a complete contrast to the word overpowering.

Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion Pure Daydream description

Fragrance Notes: Pearl Orchid & Pink Currant
Fragrance family – Floral, Fruity
The blend of Orchids and pink currant beautifully transforms into an enticing and yet a subtle fragrance that lingers for a long time for the standards of a body lotion. If you prefer a fragrance having a subtle floral-fruity combo then you must embrace this one too to your kit. For sensitive noses, this could be a blessing in disguise. This mild tinge of fruity scent wrapped in fresh floral notes that is sweet and feminine. This mature smelling lotion can be used by all age groups but will be loved more by floral lovers who prefer a mild and yet a long lasting scent to reflect upon them. If you need a subdued fruity scent that does not sting like sweet berry scent or peonies envisaged in floral, then this fragrance is ideal to go for.

Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion Pure Daydream scents

Packaging: The hydrating lotion comes in white sturdy plastic bottle with a golden colored flip top lid that helps dispense right amount of the product as and when required. The opaque bottle still allows you to view the quantity of the product. The bulky bottle that is a total value for money but not travel-friendly. This perfect everyday use lotion has an edge of classy look to it with an attractive pink colored floral label sticker that would look good on your dresser or bathroom closet.

Staying power: The lotion does justice to the word hydrating in every sense not alone by heavily moisturizing your skin but also by letting the moisture levels last long and throughout the day. You can see the difference when you use it continuously. I put the hydrating lotion aside for harsh non-tropical summers and dry winters to do justice to the product and my skin routine. The amazing staying power has left me impressed and my multiple repurchases speak for it. If you are in need of a good body moisturizer/lotion, I would recommend you to invest in this range of Victoria’s secret that would certainly not let you down.

Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion Pure Daydream swatch

Overall Performance: This pink beauty from Victoria’s Secret is a smooth body lotion that is not too sweet and not too strong which is perfect to use throughout the year but it’s more perfect for winters. After continuous usage and with experience, I would ideally recommend you to avoid this particular lotion in excess or use an alternative for extremely hot and humid weather as it starts feeling sticky along with the sweat. In case of a dry weather, a generous amount of the product can be used. It can heal extremely dry skin and a sun-burnt skin leaving it soft, supple and moisturized. With continuous usage, you will see the lotion do wonders to your dry skin . This lotion turns out to be a very satisfactory lotion in totality and can be more appreciated during desperate time on dry days.

To sum it up, ‘Pure Daydream’ from Victoria’s Secret hydrating body lotion range was a dream come product in terms of fragrance and as a body lotion that I can always vouch for.

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Pure Daydream Hydrating Body Lotion:

• Packaging – classy, sturdy and eye catchy although simple with clear fragrance notes specifications.
• Value for money – not very heavily priced product for a premium body lotion and for the quantity offered.
• Smooth upon application and hydrates the skin leaving the skin supple and fresh.
• Product availability in India.
• Conditions the skin as it contains Aloe, Oat, Grape seed extracts and anti-oxidants Vitamin E and C, making it a great moisturizer .
• Subtle fragrance combo that would work best for sensitive noses.
• Best hydrating lotion range for dry and harsh weathers.
• Being a heavy moisturizers, heals extremely dry skin leaving it soft and supple.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Pure Daydream Hydrating Body Lotion:

• Unique fragrance combination can be bothersome as the choice of fragrance varies with very individual.
• Bulky bottle to carry around .
• Feels a little too wet when used in humid climatic conditions.

IMBB Rating :
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion Pure Daydream ?
Like any other fragrance lover, I am busy exploring new scents from the much loved brand, ‘Victoria’s Secret’ so I would not repurchase but highly recommend this lotion one for VS lovers who prefer a scent that is a subtle smooth combo of floral and fruity notes and a neat hydrating lotion.
Verdict:If you are looking for a fresh smelling scented lotion to light up your mornings, pure daydream is perfect to do the job!

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