Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Smoothing Body Scrub Review

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Smoothing Body Scrub Review


Hope everyone had a great weekend! As summer is finally here, I went to Victoria’s Secret to pick up the body scrub, mainly for my legs. I had read some great reviews on it on IMBB and decided to pick up a scent which wasn’t reviewed before. I like my body scrubs to be thick and gritty. I always like to give my legs and elbows a good scrub so they feel nice and smooth. To me, this is very important especially during summers when most of us are wearing shorts and skirts. Also, it makes waxing and shaving easier when we exfoliate beforehand. To see my personal review on this product, keep on reading!

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Smoothing Body Scrub

Product Description:

A flirty, floral fragrance. Entice in Pure Seduction, a passionate romance of succulent red plum and sweet freesia. Experience the luxury of fragrant cleansing. Dual-action sugar scrub gently exfoliates as it purifies. Lather on wet skin, focusing on rough spots, then rinse off for an all-over glow. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable: the ultimate sexy sensation.


$14 for 200 gm.

My Take on Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Smoothing Body Scrub:

First off the scent, oh my! It’s divine! I love the way this body scrub smells. It is a nice combo of floral and fruit. It doesn’t smell overly floral. It has a fresh and young scent which is perfect for the spring time. The packaging of this product was quite nice. It comes in a basic plastic squeeze bottle. Usually, body scrubs come in containers or jars.  I am not a huge fan of packaging in the tub form because I feel like I may be contaminating the product. The product comes out in a mix between a thick body wash and a scrub. When I first used this in the shower, I noticed that before I could exfoliate properly, the sugar would dissolve quickly in the water. Once it is dissolved, it basically becomes a foamy body wash. I really wished the sugar wouldn’t have dissolved so quickly.

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Smoothing Body Scrub

The second time around, I used the scrub while my skin was dry. Because this scrub has a body wash base, it wasn’t that harsh to scrub. After I exfoliated my legs, I turned on the water and the scrub washed away, but as a body wash. I did immediately feel like legs were nice and smooth. Usually after exfoliating, your skin feels smooth, but sometimes a bit dry. I didn’t get that feeling with this scrub; it not only made my legs feel smooth but also hydrated. What I noticed afterwards was still the scent. It lasted even after my shower which was AMAZING! As for buying this product again, I sadly would not. It did do what it said, but I didn’t get that really good scrub down I was looking for. If you are looking for a mild scrub, then this would probably be perfect for you. I did really enjoy the scent and would probably consider buying the body mist.

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Smoothing Body Scrub

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Smoothing Body Scrub:

  • Great scent.
  • Easy packaging.
  • Scent lasts after shower.
  • Leaves the skin feeling clean and smooth.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Smoothing Body Scrub:

  • Doesn’t provide deep exfoliation.
  • Expensive.
  • Sugar quickly dissolves in water.

IMBB Rating:


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