Victoria’s Secret Rockin Body Shimmer Powder Review

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Yes! Yet another review from Victoria’s Secret. Today, I have for you VS Rockin’ Body Shimmer Powder. I bought this when “highlighter trend” was growing in popularity and people were going crazy over bronzing. I bought this mainly because of its micro particles which add a glow when you apply on to the skin. So, without any further ado, let’s quickly jump to the review.

Victorias Secret Rockin Body Shimmer Powder Review

Product Description:
Shimmer is the ultimate supermodel accessory, Our rockin’ body shimmer powder gives them a flawless head-to-toe glow- on the runway or on the go.

Victorias Secret Rockin Body Shimmer Powder ingredients

My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Rockin Body Shimmer Powder:

Victorias Secret never fails to impress with its packaging. This shimmer powder comes in a transparent plastic packaging where shimmer powder is housed at the bottom (you can screw open this if necessary). On the top, there’s a synthetic bristle brush which is long and not dense. There is a transparent cap to close and prevent brush from unhygienic touch and avoid fall out of the product. The packaging is travel friendly and light.

Victorias Secret Rockin Body Shimmer Powder packaging

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I bought this online when they were running semi annual sale and got it for less price than actual. It has micro silver shimmer particles which makes my skin glow whenever applied. I make sure not to apply it on my face because its base is bronzer so it makes my complexion darker. I use it on my collar bone and on my shoulders.

Victorias Secret Rockin Body Shimmer Powder brush

As it is a powder, product fallout is a lot during application. I really like its brush, the bristles are long and applies just right amount of product every time. I usually use it for parties and night time. There is a slight vanilla fragrance which fades away after application.

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Rockin Body Shimmer Powder:

  • Gives a luminous glow.
  • Perfect brush applicator.
  • Travel friendly.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Rockin Body Shimmer Powder:

  • Fallout issue.

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